Thursday, 27 May 2010

Alexandra Burke chat

There was a chat with Alexandra Burke. You might have noticed the countdown on the start page of Stardoll - to tell you, she was 5 minutes late.

She seems kind of dumb to me, especially with the question above. How does she know he's a lovely person if she hasn't met him yet? She also had some spelling mistakes (like she wrote 'back too Holland') and she wrote an x or two after everything. So all in all, I didn't like her at all, did you?


  1. She said some other stupid stuff later - she has a teddy bear named Family and she's afraid of sharks and unicorns.

  2. hahaha :D The chick must be really dumb. Didnt like her at all.

  3. I thought my english was bad
    Anyway, I haven't seen the chat actually