Friday, 31 December 2010

The Holiday Calendar is over

December is over and so is the Holiday Calendar. I think we all sort of expected a little more generosity. Most of the gifts were kind of lame, they could all be a bit less expensive, and I think we all expected the free 25$ we got last year, the year before, and the year before... I think I'm a bit fed up with Stardoll's greediness.

Thursday, 30 December 2010


How old is Stardoll staff? I'm starting to think that they're less than 10 years old. That could only explain today's poll:

It seems that life is only about having a boyfriend and being famous on Stardoll. I've seen a lot of bad polls but this one is too pathetic to be real. It's like a combination of twilight and I-have-no-more-ideas-so-I-shall-put-nothing-as-the-last-option. Wondering what most users expect from 2011?

How shocking.
Stardoll could cultivate more maturity and intelligence to their users.

New Otto (shop spoiler)

Check out the last Otto collection if you haven't already because a new Otto collection will be out soon. Check back for the link to the clothes that will most probably be hidden, like before.
I like a few of them, but not many. What about you guys?

EDIT: Here's the link to the clothes.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New PPQ of Mayfair Floor

Today Stardoll offered us a new floor at the PPQ of Mayfair store. As we all expected, the prices are high and only for Superstar. The collection is directed for the chic style fans and the colors vary between black and gold, specially. I really didn't appreciate the new clothes, although I found the Tied Platforms very cute and useful for certain looks.

Are you guys planning to buy something?

Monday, 27 December 2010


I'm sorry for the delay, but here are the winners. As I said, we have two winners. The first one is Rytsu who in our opinion did best in the Christmas category. Congratulations. Here's her entry:
The second winner who did best with the winter part of the competition is definitely RoyalRuby7395, who has won for the second time now. Congratulations, your entry was amazing:

Stardoll's Poll

This time I will express my truly strong dissatisfaction with it. The question itself is quite normal (compared to some of them), but the spelling makes me *facepalm*
(at first I read "The Crocodiles of Narnia", but I often misread stuff). The "loooved" thing isn't that horrible (though I quit using it ages ago), but "okey" instead of "okay" makes me mad (I hate things like these). No wonder more and more kids are going illiterate and can't spell their own name without making three mistakes (one of which is forgetting the capital letter. No, I haven't got a fetish for capital letters but they do make me annoyed). Kind of "Callie Stardoll goes stupid" thing back in September.
None of blog writers lives in a country where English is national language but I still believe we do better than that

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Whip my Hair Interior

I noticed a new interior today, and probably it has to do with Starplaza's new store, Whip My Hair.

The interior, a blue canteen splashed with paint on the left corner,  is Superstar, and costs 20 stardollars. It's inspired by this music video.

What do you think? Horrible, in my opinion (the room, the store, the song, the music video).

Friday, 24 December 2010

Endangered Specie #12

Since nobody was making post about it... I was wondering why, since it's really awesome this time. It's the Prizzly Bear, and originally it's a hybrid of grizzly and polar bear. Stardoll version looks like this:

I didn't manage to find many pics of it in real life (and the ridiculous part was finding separate pics from different blogs about stardoll, not even bear-related), but this one is it:

It looks a bit like dirty polar bear, and its color various from dirty-white to brown (which stardoll, fortunately, noticed, though they did not perform a very neat job).
It would fit perfectly in every winter-themed interior, especially the last one, Swedish forest

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Stardoll Royalty

I've recently been added to the Stardoll Royalty and I couldn't resist at sharing my disappointment with you. I've already knew that this club was quite lame, but not that much! What's so royalty about a club which members with less than 500starpoints can enter? What's so great about a club which users that only log in weeks after weeks can enter? I personally don't feel much difference after entering SR, but Stardoll is just showing how money maker and stupid they are.
I remember that only users who were really active and kind of creative could only enter on that club. Now, more than 600 members are entering everyday.

Only by purchasing stardollars or superstar membership you automatically become a royalty member.
I don't mean to say that most users don't deserve to enter the club. I'm just fed up of how stupid Stardoll has become years after years.
And for those who are desperate about having a diamond on their username just forget it. It's pointless.
Thankfully there are still members who don't give a fuck about royalty.

Willow Smith's new store

We've all heard Willow's song "Whip my Hair", right? Now she's decided to advertise on Stardoll and voila, here's a new shop!

I think some are useless (like the hair, will anyone wear that? I don't think so), but the earrings, lashes and crystals could be useful.
I've taken some time to go through the video and take shots of real life versions. Here they are:

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some updates

Stardoll want us to be more and more competitive. Basically we win trophies for everything now. Check your e-mail or read it below:

Make a good party, invite talkative friends and you can become more popular and richer. I'm not a big fan of parties actually, so this doesn't mean much to me.

Another update we had is taking pictures to our suites.

See the red circle on the right side of the picture? Just click there and mobilize your medoll and suite. I like this idea. Pictures on our presentations always give a really nice and creative touch to our pages.

New Superstar Haistyles

Stardoll provided us with some more hairstyles. Only Superstars can wear them, so check them out in your Beauty Parlor.
I think the other hairstyles were much better than these, but we still have some nice alternatives to our medolls. I took some pictures of my MeDoll with the new hair, so you can see them:

Do you intend to wear any?