Friday, 17 December 2010

Super Supreme

This useless superstar and high prices thing is back with even more hideous dolls than ever

View on the first floor:

Apparently those two from the left are Rihanna (am I right? I am not a fan of everything related to MTV) and other two are unknown for me (maybe that one with glasses is Chanel or smth. At least it looks for me so)
The third floor is quite normal, considering the prices and figurines:

You ask why I didn't mention the second floor? Well I like keeping best for the end. This actually made me roll on the floor laughing (ROFL). See for yourself:
Eddiekins, Justine Bieber and Taylor the Shirtless (and this time he's shirtless!!!13one!eleven!!). Ahh, our precious heroines


  1. SUPERMARIO!!! I love that :D and I think the first floor are Chanel and Donatella, it says so in the "new" section

  2. Who gives 100 sd for Justin Bieber Ô_o

  3. Ridiculous, ridiculous and again ridiculous! The 3rd floor is dusgusting me..Especially the shirtless, muscular thing! >.>

  4. Bieber? -.-

    I would never give money for him.

  5. funny_disco_dancer17 December 2010 at 20:54

    Yeah but if u buy bieber or edwardo you can sell them later because I`m 100000% sure that in stardoll are many idiots who think that these dolls are soooo cool and valuable

  6. Raven/Diamond_lilly18 December 2010 at 01:16

    Lmfao xD
    Id buy the Beiber doll. Use it as a voodoo doll. Bahaha. And i think the 3rd doll on the first floor is from the Burlesque movie.

  7. why pay 100 sd 4 a jb doll??
    id pay 1000 4 a tl doll :)

  8. Why is their a nude mushroom man? That's just odd...

  9. @Erin: You're obviously not familiar with pop gaming. c:
    It's from one of those Mario games. The mushrooms have no body, so being the idiots that they ar, stardoll gave him a body.

  10. all of them (bieber,edward and jacob) SUCK! especially JB!ugh i would NEVER pay $100 for him! (princess_dumini)