Sunday, 5 December 2010

Way Coat

I believe it came to Stardoll some time after 2006 when My Chemical Romance album The Black Parade was released as well as with Gerard Way's doll because as far as I remember it came here when I was quite new (and I bought it rather immediately). It's called Way coat and it's still in the shops (Fallen Angel Boys store, though girls can wear it well too) costing 6$, however, superstar (if I remember corectly, it was 5$ and non-ss when I bought it. Or it's just my mind playing tricks on me). The Stardoll Version:

In real life My Chemical Romance wore those, of course. All of their coats were quite different:

and sometimes they were changed a bit. These are the closest versions to Stardoll's one I have:

apparently they're wearing the same coat. Good ol' Frerard, haha

Some time after here came similar girl version of this (only red) with Avril Lavigne RC doll, as a Hot Buy. Shame I didn't buy it


  1. I never thought to look at the guys' version of Fallen Angel! Not only did I go get this very cool way coat, I also got the skull walking cane and the top hat. You guys are still the bomb. Thanks so much!!

  2. that picture of Frank makes me happy, thank you :)

  3. I don't have it...I think it was for superstars! The guy at the 3rd photo looks hot by the way...O.o

  4. nom nom nom frank and gerard :3