Friday, 24 December 2010

Endangered Specie #12

Since nobody was making post about it... I was wondering why, since it's really awesome this time. It's the Prizzly Bear, and originally it's a hybrid of grizzly and polar bear. Stardoll version looks like this:

I didn't manage to find many pics of it in real life (and the ridiculous part was finding separate pics from different blogs about stardoll, not even bear-related), but this one is it:

It looks a bit like dirty polar bear, and its color various from dirty-white to brown (which stardoll, fortunately, noticed, though they did not perform a very neat job).
It would fit perfectly in every winter-themed interior, especially the last one, Swedish forest

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  1. It's really cute ^.^ Animals is one of my passions ( I do have a lot!) xP