Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Stardollars for all

This is the new change from Stardoll:
It says non-superstars can now use Stardollars. I'm not sure what the difference is since Stardollars can still only be bought. There is some good changes though;
~ starcoins - stardollars exchange all the time for superstars
~ 50 starcoins per day instead of 40 for superstars
~ more rooms

Chanel holiday tribute

Stardoll released a Chanel tribute store today. That means good investment for the future and actually a few good pieces. Here are the two floors:

Some of the pieces were already released yesterday. If you were lucky enough to buy them then, you'll find they're for sale. I bought these two:

If they stay for sale, they'll be priceless.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Halloween competition winner

We decided who the competition winner is. Congratulations to ilgd! Here's her entry:
But honestly, I was disappointed. There was so much cheating in this competition that I'm not sure I'll be making another one any time soon.

New Polished

Here we have, 8 new polishes for our medolls. They resemble Christmas a lot this time, though. I don't really like them, actually I only liked Halloween collection so far, but I'd say the silver and the red are the best colours. That's up to you anyway:

You can get each for 16 stardollars. Anyone buying?

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Dorée

Stardoll finally released some decent colours for Dorée! We have 3 new shades of red, 2 gorgeous blues and the amazing green I've been waiting for so long *.* And, of course, the matching highlighters:
There are also new items on Luxe store, but I don't think it's worth checking. Way too sparkly as usual.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Starplaza sale

There is finally some cool items in the starplaza again. I picked a few to show them to you, but you should check out the other stuff too. So these are my picks:

1: Show Me Your Fangs Tee, Fallen Angel, 6 stardollars
2: Doodle Bandeau, Bizou, 20 starcoins
3: Jupiter Patent Belt, Fallen Angel, 25 starcoins
4: Raven Skull Necklace, Bizou, 15 starcoins
5: V Black Platforms, Fallen Angel, 35 starcoins
6: Heavyweight Black Platforms, Fallen Angel, 40 starcoins
7: House Arrest Cuff Right, Tingeling, 20 starcoins
8: House Arrest Cuff Left, Tingeling, 15 starcoins

Monday, 21 November 2011

self-made hairstyles

With the new jewelry designer, there are now ways to make hairstyles using some of the pieces. That's why I collected some of the best creations I could find to give you some inspiration or just take a look at them:
fallinexx and JaydenJill24

AnCafe2014 and Mystic_Darkness

biah.s_rock and Nike666

Creative aren't they? I took a shot at it, but I failed miserably. If anyone else has a good attempt, tell me in the comments and I can add your photo.
EDIT some more:
IntractableEmo and LivingColour

and greenday1124

Friday, 18 November 2011

Eternal Serpent

The Other World store was renewed with more amazing items for superstars exclusively. This time, we got an ancient symbol called Eternal Serpent which is more commonly named Ouroboros. It represents a snake (it can also be used a dragon) swallowing its own tail, forming a circle. It symbolizes self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself - the eternal return - and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end (just like Phoenixes). It also represents the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, life out of death. I found its symbolism highly interesting so I hope that Stardoll keeps releasing more meaningful items.
This is the virtual version (14 stardollars, by the way):

Stardoll got inspired by a real life ring from Sterling Silver jewerly:

And some nice related art:

Did anyone buy the Eternal Serpent?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

"cute" Pêt-à-Porter

The Pêt-à-Porter animals have transformed. They're supposed to be cute now. I can honestly say, I did not expect this.. But I don't really mind it, I bought the tiger and it looks even better now. I bought the "cute" vampire cat too when I saw it. I'm not sure all of the owners of the previously scary and creepy animals are satisfied though. Anyone dislike their pet now that it's cute?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Halloween competition poll

Stardesign Jewerly

When I realized that Stardoll released a new design feature, I immediately thought it would be useless. But I was quite wrong, actually. We're able to produce a good variety of necklaces, glasses and earrings and we can also add some extra charms. However, as the fashion and interior designing, this new feature is quite limited since we can't design a pattern but simply use stardoll's primary designs.
Here are some basic examples of what we can do, just for you to have an idea:

What do you guys think about this new update?

Hot Buys Silver Heeled Boots

The new Hot Buys shoes are in the shops. They're called Hot Buys Silver Heeled Boots. Their price is 12 stardollars, which is amazingly cheap for these days. You can find them in the Fallen Angel shop (yippee for that). They look quite simple, so I think they can be used in many outfits.

The real life version is Absinthe Metal Heel High Boots by Topshop. They're made of 100% leather, so I don't think I'd want to buy them. The heel is 6 inches or 15 cm high so I'd probably be tripping anyway. Here's the photo:

Will anyone buy these?

Monday, 14 November 2011

Really, Stardoll? Really?

We all know Stardoll isn't very original, but this has got to be a new record. They've been advertising new colors, when in fact they've been giving us the old shit in a new package. Now it doesn't make much of a difference with the white dye, but the first nail polish is 4 stardollars more expensive, even though it's the SAME exact color. Here's some photos to show you what I mean:
1. MSW Starlight White Haircolor, Doreé, 6 stardollars

2. Bridal Blush HairColor, Doreé, 6 stardollars

Same with the nail polishes:
1. Miss Stardoll World Soft Pink, Polished, 14 stardollars

2. Salmon Pink Nailpolish, Polished, 10 stardollars

Thanks to Sun for the hint.
And another thing, has anyone ever noticed the different spelling of the Doreé (or Dorée) shop?

Fix it, Stardoll!
Another thing to watch out for is the Mortal Kiss gown. In the shop it costs 30 stardollars, but if you search for dresses, you can find the same one for only 18 stardollars on page 20;