Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hand of Glory

There's a Hand of Glory reproduction in the Other World store and since I have a high fascination for dark amulets, I thought I should post about it.
For those who don't know, the Hand of Glory is a grisly item related to a once wide held belief in the magical power of human remains, especially those of the executed. This amulet is essentially a severed hand from an executed criminal (the more notorious the greater its supposed potency) that was dried in the Sun after pickling and treatment with various noxious materials. The hand was then enclosed around a candle (preferably made with the fat of a hanged man) or the fingers were turned into macabre wicks. It was believed that this gruesome brand would confer invisibility to its owner, render the occupants of a household into a deep sleep, and open locked doors.

My problem with Stardoll's version is how non-creepy it looks:

But I guess the problem was their inspiration:

I wish Stardoll grabbed another image to copy, just like these:


  1. Wow! Thanks for the history lesson... One of the main reasons I love this blog? Posts like this one.

    Love ya!

  2. great post, I really loved the pictures x)

  3. agree ... the last one is the best xD

  4. Great history, I love dark amulets too but I agree with Kelly, the SD version isnt too scary like the real ones :(

  5. It's pure art! *-*

  6. I totally agree! the reason they do non-creepy stuff: 3+4+5 year olds play on SD!!!!
    Its so annoying!
    I preffer scaryer versions of stuff(SD makes stuff for younger kinds sometimes) and yeah.

  7. I agree that the SD version it's non-creepy, but I like it anyway!