Thursday, 3 November 2011


I found this one thanks to Tattytta. It's from the Pet-a-Porter shop and it's called Dragon (shocker). Unfortunately, it costs 100$. It looks a bit cartoony and the fire is terrible, but otherwise it's great. Separately you can buy its Dragon wings for 14$ that can also be used on your doll. As you all probably know, the Pet-a-Porter animals will all grow up into cute ones, I assume around Christmas. I see how they can make the kitten and the dogs cute, but what can you do with a dragon? I'm hoping it'll stay a dragon.

Aaaand the real life version:


  1. The wings are bought separately for much less. I did buy them. Kinda cool.

  2. I bought the wings and the dragon.
    I think Stardoll's version is great except for the skin.
    Maybe he will turn into a cute lizard around xmas ;p

  3. I didnt like the SD version, and the price isnt attract me :)

  4. I didn't like the SD version too... but I bought the wings! =)
    And I still hate the idea of my tiger becoming a cute tiger :-S