Saturday, 30 April 2011

The doggies have grown

The Pêt-à-Porter doggies have grown up. I think some of them are still way cute.
Here's a before and after photo:

Here's the message that owners received:

And the free dog carrier:

Do you think we'll be able to sell them? Because I'm starting to regret spending 500$ on the kittens and liger.

Free Blood Red Skirt

This is your chance to get the Tingeling Halloween Couture piece Blood Red Skirt for free. Its original price was 22$, but you can imagine it got very expensive throughout the years. I had it, but I only spent 11$ on it. Did anyone else have it? Photo:

Before you do this, I recommend you change your password and then change it again when you're done. It's a good anti-hacking system.
Done? Let's start then. Use this proxy to log into Stardoll. After that just visit this link:
The skirt should be in your suite.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

May Hot Buys

This month's Hot Buys. I don't like it. Maybe the skirt? I don't know..

Hot Buys Hairdecoration - Splendid, My 3rd - 9$
Hot Buys Swimsuit - Rio, May 6th - 17$
Hot Buys Shorts - Fudge, May 9th - 10$
Hot Buys Ruffle Dress - Pretty in Pink, May 12th - 21$
Hot Buys Skirt - Bisou, May 15th - 16$
Hot Buys Shoes - Rio, May 16th - 10$
Hot Buys Bow Shirt - Evil Panda, May 20th - 16$
Hot Buys Bag - Rio, May 24th - 11$
Hot Buys Dress - Evil Panda, May 27th - 23$
Hot Buys Top - Rio, May 31st - 15$

Friday, 22 April 2011

New Dorée Colors

Stardoll decided to provide us new colors on Dorée store, but instead of releasing a new whole collection (like they usually do) we just got new 3 hair dyes (each one as a different red shade) with the corresponding highlighters:

(Everything for 6$ and Superstar members only).
I personally loved the Blood Red dye, it looks gorgeous. What's your opinion?

Hot Buys Garter Tank

The new Hot Buy from this month was released today and it's called Garter Tank. It's a very nice top, you can make a lot of different outfits with it and a small top or bikini will work under this piece. If you're interested, get yours in the Bisou store for 18$:

Here's the real life version (Kiki de Montparnasse garter top):

The Kittens have grown!

If you're the owner of one of Pêt-à-Porter's kittens, you probably noticed that they have grown up.

The first floor of the store has been updated with the now juvenile kittens. Here's a picture so you can check how every breed looks like now:

Also, you've got this message in your inbox, reminding you of the growth:

In the text above, they mentioned a free cat carrier right? This is waiting for you in your suite:

What do you think of the "grown up" kittens? Still adorable, or not?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hot Buys Leather Jkt

A new Hot Buy is out! This one is called Hot Buys Leather Jkt and you can find it in the Evil Panda store. It's superstar (of course) and you'll pay 18$ if you choose to buy it. I have the feeling a lot of you will. I'm not all that crazy about it though, I'd make it black and red without the white parts if I could.

The real life version is made by Balmain. I adore the collection this jacket was in, you have to check it out if you have a minute to spare.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Spiked Crop Moto Jacket

Along with today's LE collection, this amazing jacket was released for 175$ and became one of my favorite pieces from the whole clothing line. The spikes on shoulders are greats ornaments and I think purple and pink give a really unique touch to the jacket. That's how it looks on Stardoll:

In real life, it's from the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 Couture Collection. Looks gorgeous:

Did any of you purchase this item?

New LE

The new LE collection is out. It's mostly in neon colors with a few purple pieces. I'm not sure I like it.. I bought a few pieces though - the bikini pieces were fairly cheap so I thought it was a good investment. Did any of you buy anything?

Friday, 15 April 2011

3rd Pêt-à-Porter floor

The last Pêt-à-Porter floor was just released. This one contains exotic animals. I kind of like this because these are animals I could never have in real life and can now have them on Stardoll. It's not what I expected though, I thought they'd release snakes and lizards and such. Anyone agree?

April collectible doll

Here's this month's collectible. I seriously love her hair. Not bad, really.

This is the 14th collectible so far. Just out of curiosity, how many of you own all of them?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Windows on the World

Today we got a new floor for the Windows on the World store with the Saudi Arabia theme. We got some new clothes (Superstar and non-superstar) which are quite boring in my point of view but it's up to you to decide if they're good or not:

Along with the clothing collection, there's also a beautiful monument called Makkah Clock Tower for 8$. I like this kind of items, I think they're very useful to create windows backgrounds or cities-themed suites.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hot buys Arm Bracelet

The new Hot Buy is out and I personally adore it! Besides loving snakes, I think the bracelet looks very unique and it goes with a lot of styles. The price is quite cheap (8$) and you can find it in the Voile store. Here's how it looks:

In real life, this piece is originally a ring and I think Stardoll did great in making it a bracelet. The creator was Ileana Makri, an amazing jewelry designer. Check it out:

Anyone buying this item?


Another new store! Only this time it belongs in the Decor section.

The newly arrived store is called Pix, and as you can deduce is related to photography.

Inside Pix you will be able to purchase cameras, accessories related to photography, a few polaroids, gigantic memory cards (but instead of the usual 8GB/2GB you get the number of pictures that it can store) and some film rolls.

The price range is from 5 to 50$, with 4 non-Superstar items.

Here is the store, for you to take a look:

See those "eyes" bellow each roll? Go over them with your mouse so you can see the effect that each roll offers. There's even a black and white one (pink), for the fans of monochromatic photography. They appear to be for our Stardoll cameras

Are you a fan of photography? Did you like Pix?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Perfect Day

A new store has arrived to the Starplaza: It's called Perfect Day, and is about...weddings.

The items are mainly dresses (or dress pieces), head accessories, shoes, gloves, bouquets.

Nothing is, in my opinion, worth buying.The prices range between 48 and 0$, most items being Superstar exclusive.

Here are the clothes and some of the objects that are also sold:

What do you think? I find all items motherfucking pathetic rather ugly, except the Skull Cake (the red one on the second image, if you missed it), the amps and the chopper.


I don't know if you've noticed but Stardoll released more floors to the Epiphany store and 2 of them happen to contain quite a few good things. Some jewelry pieces have black guitars, black roses and I personally think the Victorian Hairclip looks great so I recommend you to take a look:

The low point is definitely the price. Why so expensive?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tube Top

For quite some time ago, this top was released along with the Vampire doll collection as Fallen Angel brand and it was also part of the Archive. I purchased mine on starbaazar for 5$, though.
This piece is perfect for dark looks, you can do quite a lot of diversified outfits with it and it will always fit any alternative style so get yours on Starbaazar! Tube Top:

In real life, pieces of clothing including spider webs are usually related to Gothic so after some time doing some research I've found this:

I believe Stardoll got inspired by a corset in real life.
Anyone owning this piece?