Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hands Feature

In order to wear the hands accessories, Stardoll created a new feature on our Beauty Parlors dedicated exclusively to the hands. You can resize and change the items positions as you wish:

We also have another option that is changing the size of the nails. For that, you just need to use the little option with a scissor (marked in read, below):

And these are the differences between the nail sizes:

Anyone enjoying this new feature?


  1. yay first comment!

  2. I suggested this some time ago along with many people i guess, and i just hate it that its for superstars!!!!!!!!

  3. Yea I agree, now on stardoll who join and fun is only superstars...

  4. I think it's lame you can't see it on the doll itself on the suite. Yes I know when you go with the mouse on your hands you see a view of the hands, but still. I wonder if the nailpolish will be visible on the doll itself and not only on the zoom version.

  5. What a foolish idea...
    What they will bring next? Hair on legs to buy a shaver?

  6. LOLZ, LilaFlo!!!
    Anyways i like it...