Sunday, 28 February 2010

Inspired by Gucci

It seems that Stardoll is bringing back alot of (user-proclaimed) rares lately. Most users are ofcourse happy that it is happening because they get a chance to wear those clothes. But the ones that have them and bought them for alot of money aren't very happy. Again a proof how Stardoll doesn't care about users. You should be careful from now on, only buy things that are DKNY or any other brand or have RARE on the tag for a big amount of money because all the other ones may come back.
This time it's the Inspired by Gucci jacket.

Originally it was Fallen Angel (it's now tagged Archive). It's non-superstar and not very expensive which is pretty convenient for everyone. At first (which was a few years ago, really long time) I bought it for 4$. Now when it's back, it costs 5$.
In real life it's Gucci:

I think this one looks better on Stardoll too.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Tribute to McQueen on Stardoll

It has been some time since McQueen died. They're now making a campain - there's McQueen adds, McQueen competition and even McQueen a stardoll (which is the first designer stardoll if we don't count real celebs like Vivienne Tam and similar). There's also rumors that a few new McQueen dresses will come to Starplaza. I think they came out a bit late because it took Stardoll a bit longer to make these:

Wrecked Skull T shirt

Time for the amazing Tingeling Halloween Couture again. I'm probably gonna post the whole series under autopsy. This one is Wrecked Skull T shirt:

The original price was 16$. Now, it can probably be bought for 60$ if you're lucky. I haven't seen it in the Starbazaar yet, only in suites.
The original is Alexander McQueen. Here's a pic:

I think it would look incredibly awesome in white, but purple looks awesome too.

Quick message

Free estonian flag in your minishop. I think it's a glitch (according to the 5$ Kuwait flag) so get it fast.

Fantastic Suite

I've been searching through all the dark lovers on stardoll and one particular user got my attention. Her suite is pretty amazing, and I would like to share it with you.
LadyMordak is her username. Her suite is not Goth inspired, actually she only has a dark room, but I still think her suite is very original.
This is an example of 2 rooms of her:

And here's my favourite one:

Isn't she inspirational?

New LE

You've probably heard of Stardoll's new trick, or atleast seen it. I didn't want to write about it because the prices are ridiculous and the stuff doesn't even look that nice, but since it's all over Stardoll, I decided to post it.
Stardoll made an offer: they sent an e-mail to all non-superstars that used to be superstar, saying that if they upgrade (to ss), they can buy exclusive Limited Edition clothing that isn't available to others. Some users ofcourse figured out a way for all superstar users to buy it. Not that it matters, all the stuff is almost sold out.
The prices? Left to right: Laced Grommet Dress (150$), LE Black Yellow Dress (100$), Couture White Poppy Dress (175$), LE Draped Dress (125$), Geometric Tube Top (65$), Pop Leopard Bag (50$).

The thing that immediately stood out is the top. Guess who designed it? That's right, Alexander McQueen. Something that might be interesting: in real life, this top costs 1295€ (1755$).

Heidi Klum and Jordache

All the limited brands are gone. The Stylein clothes weren't out of the shops on the 22nd like Stardoll said, they were available for another day. They're in starbazaars now and out of Starplaza. The Stuff by Hilary Duff things are now gone too, same with Amy Claire dresses.
There's also a sale in the Heidi Klum by Jordache shop. Some stuff is pretty nice so I suggest you take a look at it.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kuwait and Estonia stuff

With Kuwait day and Estonian Independence day today and yesterday, Stardoll released some special clothes. They're not anything special (atleast that's how I see them).

The only thing that cought my attention are the Kuwait Henna.

They're 2$ and non-superstar. If you want them, get them fast, because this kind of stuff (national days clothing) doesn't last long.
Here's a glance of how they look in real life:

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hot Buys Boots

I recently mentioned September 2008 Hot Buys, so I think it's right to write about them.
The Hot Buys Boots are Fallen Angel, our favorite store.

Their original price is (only) 5$ - an indicator of how much Stardoll changed. Today, we would pay 10$ or 15$ for them. They're part of the hot buys collection, which means they're now expensive and rare. I haven't seen them in a starbazaar for months now.
Now to the real life part. The boots are designed by Alexander McQueen, the genious. He always makes awesome stuff doesn't he?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dark Designer #5

Any Emily the Strange fan out there? If yes, I have the perfect designer for you. sunburn_slapper is the owner of a very different looking suite and she created some amazing designs. The Emily the Strange ones are my personal favourite ones. She's not selling them currently but maybe you can ask her.
Take a look:

February Starplaza sale

There's a sale going on. Not alot of clothes are up for sale this time though. We chose what we think are the finest for you.

1: Bow-Tie, Tingeling, 1$
2: Tassle Trim Scarf, Fallen Angel, 2$
3: In The Nets Top, Rio, 3$
4: Assymetrical Cocktail Dress, Voile, 6$

March Hot Buys

I cannot express how much I LOVE the March Hot Buys! Take a look at the Bisou shoes. Aren't they perfect? (I'm surprised they chose to brand them Bisou when Fallen Angel would be much more appropriate, but nevertheless.) I love the chain and headband too. They haven't made Hot Buys this awesome since September 2008.