Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dark Designer #4


She's a very popular user. I noticed that tons of users have her amazing designs. She has one shirt with Amy Lee, some bloody designs and very original stuff that dark lovers will love for sure. Unfortunately she's not selling anything in this moment. But you can always ask her to sell some of her creations. I'm sure she will put them on sale ^^


  1. She wasn't designing for a long time, I heard that she lost her patterns. But she came back to designing, for shure she's still selling some pieces ^^ I have couple of them :)

  2. I found some in the starbazaar, but she says she isn't selling them at the moment so I guess we'll have to wait.

  3. She must put the designs on sale. They look amazing *.*

  4. GOD I wish I was superstar!!!

    I love her designs soooo much!!
    Hey Jolanta...Dont u have that dress some were?

  5. Wow these designs are amazing :D