Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bjork swan dress

Stardoll gave us back one really rare Voile dresses for only 7$. We're happy about it, I just don't understand why. They're always trying to make money so it doesn't make sense - why give it out for 7$ when people are selling them for 60 or more? Some people that paid alot for it must be really devastated to see it in the shop again (same with the Victoria's Secret wings that were selling for hundreds of stardollars and then came up for free).
Anyway, the Voile shop has some pretty nice dresses, usually not so dark, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're not beautiful. Here it is, the Bjork Swan Dress:

And ofcourse, a real life picture. This is how it looks like on the famous singer Björk:

Is it just me or does anyone else think it looks better on Stardoll?


  1. I bought it just as it came, and I didn't understand it either :O I like that dress, I thought I would never see it again for sale

  2. It looks better on stardoll... :S

  3. Hey.. I might be a little late,but is there any chance I can still by this dress? I need one desperatly for a Fancy Dress party??
    Kate - Melbourne , Australia.

  4. if you search for white dresses in starplaza, you can still find it on the first page (: