Monday, 30 August 2010

Sunny Bunny hidden earrings and lenses

You all probably know about the spectacular super cool Sunny Bunny eye lenses right? Well, I recently noticed there are a few items missing in the store. There is a few lenses that are only left or right and the ice cream earrings are missing too. Check for yourself:

I thought I'd give you guys some links if you wanna buy them.
I Scream earrings,
Ghastly Green Lens Left,
Emerald Lens Right,
Dragon Lens Right.
If you can't find them when you click on them, look at the upper left corner:

Fur LE

A new LE collection has arrived today. You probably know that because of this mail:

The collection is very.. furry. The trends right now are fur, real or not. I personally strongly disagree with real fur but Stardoll obviously doesn't. I find this collection VERY cruel. Here it is:

There's also some hidden items you can only find via search:

UPDATE: Stardoll released the second floor with the hidden items.

Free Aurora dress

Stardoll is giving out the Aurora dress from the old, rare and expensive Elizabeth and James collection. To get it, log into Stardoll with this proxy and visit this link:

(thanks to HoupIsOnFire)


Here's a few London themed spoilers I found. I quite like the Union Jack tee and the red bus tee.

(click to magnify)

UPDATE: These are JCPenny. Here's some real life photos:

Get them in your dressing room by clicking here.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

SJP Premiere Dress

As we said earlier, the Stardoll and the City store is now out on Stardoll. The dress that caught my attention is called SJP Premiere Dress. Unfortunately it's too expensive (40$), so I didn't buy it. Nevertheless with a good dark make up and with the right acessories, you can get a beautiful look. The dress looks like this:

In real life it's from the Alexander McQueen Spring collection 2008. Here's the picture:

Stardoll and The City

Have you seen the new shop on the Starplaza? If you have, you'll know it's called Stardoll and the City, and is, as you can tell, inspired by the movie "The Sex and The City 2" and it's actresses.

The shop has four floors, and the majority of pieces are dresses. Price range is from 5$ to 40$, and all items are Superstar.

In my opinion, I find it horrible. The dresses aren't suitable for any propper alternative look, and most clothes are very colourful and expensive as hell. The one dress I like is the Newspaper dress (40$).

However, you're the one deciding whether buying them or not, so here is the collection:

Hooray for that naked chick.

What do you think?

Forbidden Rose doll

In my opinion, much better than original Avril Lavigne or Black Star doll:
Visit it here.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Forbidden Rose (free dress)

There's a lovely new freebie available. It's from Avril Lavigne's new Forbidden Rose perfume campaign. I'm not a big fan of Avril, but this dress is just too cute to miss out.

If you don't have it yet, log into Stardoll with this proxy and visit this link:
Now to the real life dress. Here's the Avril Lavigne version and the original Betsey Johnson version:

Connecting with Stardoll's Most Wanted

We're honored to announce that Stardoll's Most Wanted blog ( have made us their media affiliates.

Their blog is one of the biggest out there and one of the best aswell, so be sure to check them out and follow them (if you aren't already).

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Free Jacket

Here's a free piece from the St. Trinians collection. It's called "EcoGirl Jacket" and I find it amazing. If you use the right pieces you can get a pretty cool military look.

To recieve the jacket in your suite, go to this proxy, log into Stardoll and visit this link:
It will be in your suite, as a present.

Also, take a look at today's awesome poll. Who are you voting for? (:

New Dot collection

We're having a lot of purples this time. This is not the best collection ever from Dot, but I think some items are pretty good. You can see all the new make up tools on the following picture:


September Hot Buys

Hey. So, the Hot Buys for next month have arrived. I must say I find this collection much nicer than the previous one, but still, it could be better.
My favourite piece is the watch necklace, that I find different from the ordinary Stardoll items.

Here you have the collection, so you can have your own opinion about the Hot Buys:

The items, respective shops and release date are here:

Hot Buys Felt Hat - Decades, September 2nd
Hot Buys Budgies Top - Fudge, September 5th
Hot Buys Dress - Voile, September 9th
Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella - Evil Panda, September 7th
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - RIO, September 14th
Hot Buys Office Dress - Stardoll Girls, September 16th
Hot Buys Pocket Watch - Bisou, September 18th
Hot Buys Big Sweater - Fudge, September 22nd
Hot Buys Wedge Heels - Pretty in Pink, September 24th
Hot Buys Leather Jacket - Evil Panda, September 30th

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Sunny Bunny collection

Check the Sunny Bunny store on Starbeauty section. There are more items available which are very original. We have new eye contacts, rainbow tears, a new chain necklace and even new eyelashes. I really liked this collection. Plus, the prices are quite cheap to me. Take a look:

Yellow Volume Skirt Gown

The new Stardoll World shop added a new floor. I don't like any of the clothes, nor did I like the first floor. But there is this dress - Yellow Volume Skirt Gown (12$) that is in my opinion amazing. The real life version looks better though.

Here's the real life version from Alexander McQueen:

If you look at it closely, the head ornament and shoes are in the Stardoll World shop too.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Secret of Moonacre dresses 2

I'm gonna continue Jolanta's post with some other real life pictures. I love the gowns aswell, but sadly I didn't buy any. They were released in February 2009 so I can imagine they're very rare and expensive now.
Here's the five dresses, collar and necklace (I didn't find a Stardoll picture for the last two, sorry):

Click on each to magnify them.