Sunday, 15 August 2010

Medieval Gothic Suite

I wonder why I didn't post about Ruth-Sechmet suite before. She's one of the most famous dark users on Stardoll, with a truly inspirational suite, and that makes her one of my favorite pages ever.
Her suite is different because she made the floors and walls all by herself through the Interior Design. See them by yourself:

And finally, my personal favorite one:

She has more rooms. Visit her and you won't regret it.


  1. i really love her suite she's very creative and her designs are awesome

  2. By the title I couldn't guess who's suite it is... I got surprised :D

    Thank You ♥~

  3. you're right, her suite is one of the best ones out there (if not the best). :D

  4. Yes she's got the most beatiful dark suite :D also her doll is really beautiful too :) ♥

  5. i hate being a non ss it is soo hard to get a goth looking suite!!! if you want to know what i am talking about visit me on stardoll i am darkaquamarine

  6. I loove her suite and her designs. They are so unique and beautiful.