Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Moxie Teenz

Me and Kelly are finally back and I see there's alot of new stuff going on.
I'm pretty sure you noticed the Moxie Teenz clothes. As I said in this post, they released MT clothes. You can get them in your Starplaza wardrobe by clicking here.

Click on the photo to magnify to see the real life versions of clothes or just click here.


  1. Every time I see this pic I regret about having got the boots. Whatever.

  2. Well, I'm getting Melrose doll and Tristen doll. I'm very excited about this, I may call this a Current prize, i'm hoping these dolls would be admirable, and be enjoyment towards me. I may swap there hair,straighten and curl. I may identify a few faults but having ignoring them.