Saturday, 28 August 2010

Stardoll and The City

Have you seen the new shop on the Starplaza? If you have, you'll know it's called Stardoll and the City, and is, as you can tell, inspired by the movie "The Sex and The City 2" and it's actresses.

The shop has four floors, and the majority of pieces are dresses. Price range is from 5$ to 40$, and all items are Superstar.

In my opinion, I find it horrible. The dresses aren't suitable for any propper alternative look, and most clothes are very colourful and expensive as hell. The one dress I like is the Newspaper dress (40$).

However, you're the one deciding whether buying them or not, so here is the collection:

Hooray for that naked chick.

What do you think?


  1. ooh cute dress *tries* - 40$ no way :|
    look another one *tries* - 40$ again? fuck you, store!

  2. Yup...I mean I like the newspaper dress, but don't adore it to the point of spending 40$ -.-

  3. I only bought the jeanas and that lime bracelete. lol

    Ohh and shopping bag haha lol


  4. Way to much money. The dress i fell in love with is the second dress on the third floor *-* Its amazing in my opinion. Oh and I loved some of the black dresses on the second floor ^-^

  5. I fancy one, but then again, too expensive. The shoes... well... the shoes...