Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tingeling Halloween Couture #2 real life versions

I love the new THC! That's why I took some time to find the real life versions for you guys. Here they are.




Ellie Saab

Jean Paul Gaultier


By the way, there's hidden boots that aren't in the actual shop. Click here for those.

Tingeling Halloween Couture #2

This year it's here again, though, in my opinion, not as good as the previous one. You should have received this message:
The store has two floors, and some items are even non-superstar, though, as you may well imagine, not the best ones - shoes, skirts, two so-called headwears and even a couple of dresses. It's not as original as the one before, but decide it for yourself:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Game Zone

We have a new store available at Starplaza. Game Zone sells furniture with the Arcade Games theme such as Pacman and Super Mario. The prices go from 3$ to 17$. I kinda like it, since I'm a huge fan of video games. For those who love them as well, here they are the pictures:

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Front Row Milan

As you've noticed before, Front Row is a store that dedicates each floor to a city. This new collection has Milan theme. It's quite boring in my opinion. The prices goes from 6$ to 16$. In case you're interested here it is the picture of the entire collection:

Spike Shoulder Jacket

This piece is one of my favorites from the Tingeling Halloween Couture. It's the perfect item for those who love dark looks. Let me tell you, this jacket just looks brilliant with most outfits. Its original price is 38$. Currently you can find it for a much higher price. Here's how it looks:

In real life it's from Julien MacDonald, a Welsh fashion designer. I personally dont like much the real life version:

Monday, 27 September 2010

Gothic Doll Wrap Top

This one came with Emilie Autumn doll around last Halloween, and some clothes went to Starplaza with Tingeling Halloween Couture. Luckily, not these:

the top goes well with the shorts

first seen worn by Emilie Autumn, of course:
(you can see the shorts too, if you look carefully)

New Sanrio Friends (Hello Kitty) shop

There's a new shop coming up. Unfortunately it's very.. pink. I'm not sure if anyone likes Hello Kitty, but I really don't see the point of having it everywhere so I don't really like this shop.

Click to enlarge.
EDIT: Here's the toys link.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stardoll goes Halloween (free Halloween sign and balloons)

September is ending and October is gonna start! That means my favorite time of year, Halloween is approaching too. Stardoll has obviously started giving out Halloween freebies (Assymetrical Cat Mask and now this). I'm very excited, are you? Anyway..

If you want these, log into Stardoll with this proxy and visit this link:

Friday, 24 September 2010

"Free" dress

If you have checked your messages recently, you probably found this:the so-called free dress. Stardoll wants us to think it's 'priceless', and so on. 'Created by one of our finest designers', I don't have the words to describe the pitiness (I, the female version of Dr. House, who always has something to say about anything). First, it's horrible. My brother's old rag which he used to call "training jumper" looks better (and I'd look better in it than this, um, dress). Second, the 'for free' thing. When did Stardoll ever gave us good stuff for free? (Except most proxies, ofc.) To get this dress, you have to become superstar (Surprise!) At least I have, as non-superstar. I wonder what does it say to those who already are superstar.

P.S. Sorry for my occassional posts. I'm in my last year at school, and I'm, like, learning a lot

September starplaza sale

Here's my sale picks from this month. Splash and Kohl's are on sale, so there's some Abbey Dawn pieces who deserve to be here, but aren't. Chech these out anyway.

1: Abbey Dawn Pleather Tank, Kohl's, 3$
2: I heart Rock Tee, Evil Panda, 3$
3: White Scallop Top & Scallop Bottoms, Splash, 7$ & 5$
4: Wide Belt, Voile, 1$
5: Abbey Dawn Plaid School Girl Skirt, Kohl's, 4$

By the way, some Kohl's items are hidden. You can search for them in Starplaza, they're on sale too.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mortal Kiss

Here is another post, published in order to keep you in touch with what's happening on the Mortal Kiss interactive story. Today a new house was opened, new features were added to other houses and a new secret message has appeared.

McCarron Bookhouse - click on the Natural Disasters book, in order to get information about several disasters, as well as some notes taken by the character Faye. Pay special attention to the snowstorm page.

On the Winter Mill High, there are some newspapers on the floor. Click a random one, since they are all the same. You will be able to read The Miller newspaper, whose main article talks about Big Foot being sighted with the text and photographs by Faye. Also, a new person has ben added to the year book.

Also, a new hidden message appeared. You can find it near Liz's House. Click with the magnifying glass in order to read "Wilson stares into the mirror, wolves seem to be getting nearer."

Anyone here reading the story?

Dark Designer # 20

Thanks to JaydenJill24, we found another awesome designer. PoisonMuffin is currently selling band designs from Marilyn Manson, AC/DC and Kiss. She also had a HIM one but I already bough it. Anyways, I recommend you to check her other creations. Plus the prices are good: