Thursday, 16 September 2010

Male Mortal Kiss

As you probably know, Stardoll has released with the Mortal Kiss story it's respective shop.
The clothes weren't cheap, but the majority was non-Superstar.
Today I have noticed that they released a floor dedicated enterely to male clothing (probably it has something to do with the story's plot, but I don't read it, so I can't be sure).

The shop has clothes for multiple styles (even a darker one) and the price range is between 3 and 10$. The majority of items are non Superstar, except for 6 pieces.

For all of you interested, here are the clothes:

Note: Stardoll has also released a floor with female versions of these clothes, but I don't believe the floor is finished, and therefore I won't post about it.


  1. Loove the Finn's rugged sweater! Is i was superstar, i'd have bought it ♥

  2. erm...please contact me on stardoll as ERheart12345 but is there anyone with the top with the skull thing on ??? i really need it for sum1