Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dark Skull Necklace

I've seen alot of Stardoll's creative users rocking this piece of jewelry. It's LE and it's called Dark Skull Necklace. It's original price is 50$ - which is not alot for LE, I think. It's prices are currently somewhere below 200$ and above 100$. I bought mine for 133$ and one for Kelly (PinkPunkGirly) for about 170$. I adore this one because it can easily be added to any high-collar tee or dress.

So when I first saw it, I immediately thought "Alexander McQueen!" - because he often incorporates skulls in his work. And guess what? I was right. Here's the real life version:


  1. This is one of my favorite pieces on Stardoll *_* Its just amazing

  2. This necklace is PRETTY COOL!
    It's a shame that i haven't seen it when it was on LE :(

  3. I just love it ! :D I am always wearing it -well, my Doll, not really me^^-

  4. He often incorporatED. (past tense...he died)


  5. Yes, he did die, but the Alexander McQueen brand still lives and continues, that's why I wrote incorporates.