Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stardoll Fail

Besides the now usual glitch of clciking on someone in your Best Friend list and ending up in some stranger's suite, I came across with another fantastic error, guaranteed to brighten your day.
I was looking around in my virtual closet, and noticed an Antidote piece that I didn't buy:

By reading the tag you can confirm that it is a mistake, since those are not jeans - so Stardoll failed and somehow that ended up in my closet. I wonder if they will fix this, because I found them hideous.
And if you don't remeber how the Line Print Skinnies look like, here they are:

I want them back. Are you having this same problem?


  1. No it's not happening to me. I'm sorry it is for you though!

  2. I noticed the best friend list thing. I wanted to click on someone's best friend and I ended up at some random new doll o.0 I hope they fix it.

  3. a Kohl's car just appeared in my suite O.O

  4. Did you change your medoll's size? Like one the medoll editor where you can do the plus and minus buttons? That's been known to change clothes before :S

  5. Nope, I didn't.