Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Front Row New York

Today opened a new shop in the Starplaza. It's called, as you've figured out, Front Row New York.
There is only one single floor, the majority of clothes are non-Superstar, and only eight pieces are Superstar. Price range is between 4 and 24$, and you can find jackets, t-shirts, jeans/skirts, dresses, bags and shoes there.

In my opinion, the collection is boring, kind of hideous and overpriced. Many colourful items, that I am sure won't please the fans of the dark and alternative.

The only piece I found interesting was the Red Ziper Jacket (24$), it reminds me of Michael Jackson's clothing, somehow, and I believe it produces an interesting contrast with black clothing.

However, just in case you are curious about it, here it is:

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