Monday, 6 September 2010

Mortal Kiss first message

If you check this section, the new Mortal Kiss "online reading adventure" has some secret messages:

And I thought I'd let you know about them. If you want to see the first one (the September 6th one), click on the magnifying glass inside the red circle I drew on this photo:

If you did, you can read this:

- "Strange events are near when the paw prints appear!"
I think this is an intro into the "strange events" in the book (due to the bloody paw prints in the snow).

UPDATE: A few news about the story. There is gonna be four characters (each with their own MeDoll) in it - Liz, Faye, Finn and Lucas. The story will be unfolding every day until Halloween and we will be sometimes able to shape the story as we wish.
(thanks to Halima89 for the tip)


  1. Can we get anything free from that, or sth?

  2. There's a shop coming (obviously) so maybe. We'll see. I doubt it though.

  3. ola diganme la respuesta no

  4. there is no solution for this contest