Saturday, 16 June 2012


(not the Avicii song which reminds me of something... special). Nope, just Stardoll levels. (Apparently, I am level 73. So hardcore). Not sure what this means yet (except with my high number I look so good.) I think the level sort of depends on how long have you been here and/or how many starpoints you've earned. (it kind of hurts to see all my precious points turned into mere 251 *weeps quietly*). I'm not sure why am I writing this unimformative post.

Oh, and lemme introduce today's surprise:

Because fuck you, that's why.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Amazing suite #something (I think we've lost count...)

*Le wild amazing suite post coming...
Prepare yourselves, you have been warned.

So today, was I was surfing through Stardoll, looking for stuff to do (did you notice that we now have 4 Kristen Stewart dolls? Why not Jules, or Mr E? (I now take my time to advertise this really amazing band,  called The Strokes. Do spare a minute and see them on YouTube)), and this really amazing doll caught my eye... Her name is aldiialdi, you can haccess her suite by clicking here. Before you do, here's some shots:

These are but a few of her many fascinating rooms. She's also a great designer, as you can see from her hair and face accessories*. She also has that 'Staring Dad' pic for sale I particularly admire ^_^

*and from the pics on her page I can also see she has many more creative friends... Excuse this admiring footnote.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fascinating new feature

(a.k.a Jolanta's run out of ideas for an eye-catching title)

Actually, it isn't very new, but someone has to write about it, since it's really something worth mentioning. This is something much better than make-up, or—oh, hell, let's get to the point. You can find the new stuff in Starplaza, in Splendid store. It looks somewhat like this:

The best thing about it is that it's not all superstar, and the things that cost starcoins aren't all crappy (that's an unusual thing for stardoll to do). Mostly there are eye-lashes (yayyy) and eye make-up and face-masks (yayyy), and some other items too, which I'm not sure I'd know how to wear, but they look okay, too. There is also that thing that looks like a tiny silver bra, but most of these things I find quite useful and nice. This was a good one, Stardoll.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

StarDesign Hair

Stardoll has gone mad about hair. If you don't believe me, check your inbox for a StarDesign Hair ad - it will completely blow your mind (or at least that's what Stardoll is expecting you to do. Oh, nevermind, I suck at psychology). In other words, if you've been earning for a living selling hair made of feathers, Stardoll has a (hopefully, nice) surprise for ya - StarDesign Hair. Meaning, you can now design hair (takes a genius to figure out), instead of feathers.

At first I was unsure what to do (having no imagination and all), but as it turns out, Stardoll has made up a little tutorial for idiots like me, who don't know where to being (and where to stop, for that matter). Makes so much sense now.

And, for the end, something I made myself (*le killer)

Go forth, my minions, make me proud of your made up hair, I'm sure they'll be better than mine.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

New hair

Finally, something to write about. This time, it's sort of good-news-and-bad-news thing. Good news is, we have new hair (I was beginning to think, since that jewelry making thing, we won't need this option anymore). Bad news - they're not for free (well played, Stardoll, well played). They're sold in Starplaza. However, two items are for non-superstars. Check the shop out:

After buing, they appear in your beauty parlors. The best thing about this hair, however, is that you can actually dye them. I tried it myself:
(le bomb)

Monday, 16 April 2012

New Spectacular~

I feel so out of date, is it just me or have many shops in Starplaza ACTUALLY changed the names? Did it just happen long time ago when I was sweating over my coursework or did it really happened under my nose during these last few days? One may never find out~
So, anyway, as the ad says, new Spectacular is here (nothing much spectacular this time, and I think I missed a couple of last collections anyways, so I may be writing yesterday's news to you. But HEY, notice the actual pun in the word 'spectacular' being connected with spectacles. Oh okay I'm coming back to the article). The ad menioned above have presented itself to you in following form:

I actually began to think, is there ANY other way stardoll would advertise its goods from ads which is only viewed by girls who HOPEFULLY THIS TIME BECAME A NCG (does anybody really care about this anymore? Herp derp), BECAUSE OMGZ, I AVERTIZED MYSELF LIKE 1000 TIMES ALREADY? Sorry for this small interruption. I wonder if SD could make a flashmob about ze new spectaclezz, but after some thought, it's their world, their rules.
Returning to ze amazing spectaclezz, the highly anticipated (cool phrase, huh, caught it from my album) models look like~
which, as you see, means few exciting specimens. Like, Danger Cat Shades (see it for yourself, I did enough print-screening today to last me a lifetime anyway) and maybe a few others you would like but I haven't noticed and certainly wouldn't wear.

Thank you for your time and patience, it was Stunt Pilot, not really a stunt and much less a pilot, it was an article called "New Spectacular~" (the wave makes it look so much cooler), OR manifesto about stardoll advertisement. Herp derp.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Amazing new feature on Beauty Parlor

It's been some time since Stardoll has offered us something really nice that could be used, and the time has come for it at last. (No evil laughter here.)
And the new feature is... *DRUMROLL* the ability to remove make-up in parts, not the whole thing. The feature menioned is placed below and looks like this:
It means, no sweat if you've done a makeover worthy of apearing in Miss Universe and accidentally fucked up one eye, or you've spent hours making your eyes look nice and the other day when you've changed your clothes the lipstick doesn't match (a real pain in the ass).

Oh, and thank you for your welcoming messages in my previous post, it was worth posting the nonsense just to get them :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Sunny Bunny

Long time no see, m'dear friends.
Happy Easter, and stuff.
Stardoll has released some time ago new Sunny Sunny collection with more horrible items than ever, with one or two that can actually be worn by normal people. Take a look:
One item is called "Nikki Hair"; it makes my skin crawl to think it's named after the infamous Nikki Minaj (or whatever she's called , those nicknames are getting more and more ridiculous). Party Mask item looks not bad, but the majority of items is made of cute bunnies and ducks which makes me cough even having to think about it. (*Cough* *Cough*, 'nuff said.)
And forgive me if it's not that new to you, I've been away from Stardoll for a really long time.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Claudia Lioncourt suite

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Anne Rice's Chronicles of the Vampires books, but Vampire_Claudia's page is so good that I had to post about it.
Her page is a tribute to the fictional character
Claudia who appears in the book Interview with the Vampire. There's also a very famous movie interpretation, released in 1994. In the film, Claudia is interpreted by Kirsten Dunst.
In her suite, you can make a perfect travel through the story and its most remarkable places, in a very Victorian-era style:
I honestly think she's done a brilliant job. Opinions?

Museum Mile new floors

Today we got 5 new floors for the Museum Mile store. Among the new items you can find a lot of artistic stuff such as statuettes, sculptures and even a reproduction from the very well known portrait "The Gleaners":

There are pieces of clothing available on the portrait, also. You can get them through clicking on the figure with the yellow hat (providing you a blue dress and a hat) and on the red hatted figure (providing you a red dress).
What do you guys think about the new collections?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Internet safety

Stardoll recently did an internet safety campaign. They might be overreacting with certain things, but they do have a point. These days it's fairly easy to get a person's information over the internet and things like embezzlement, identity theft etc. really do happen.
For the more informed: with laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA being in debate, I think we'll all have to be more careful soon.

Did you know that there is an average of 4 background applications collecting your information, and 5 on the Stardoll homepage?

Quantcast is following you right now. They're selling your information to advertisers. I bet you didn't know that.

Furthermore, magine this;
You finished school. You're looking for a job. All your employee has to do to get your information is find you on Facebook. If you're not careful, he'll see you drink, smoke and possibly some other things you don't want him to know. And just like that, you lost a job.

My suggestions:
1. Be careful. Don't post everything about you on social websites.
2. If you don't want to be followed, some applications can be found to ensure your privacy:
For Firefox, you have add-ons like Ghostery, NoScript, BetterPrivacy or WOT that are used by millions of users. (I use Ghostery and I recommend it to everyone.)
For Chrome, you have Ghostery, WOT, AdBlock etc.
I'm not gonna search for Internet Explorer add-ons because I hope you're all smart enough to download either Firefox or Chrome.

There is also a safe search engine that doesn't collect your data, called DuckDuckGo. It speaks for itself:

I'm not saying you should use all of these, but at least give it a thought. If nothing else,
please, everyone take a minute and check out these two websites:

Friday, 10 February 2012

Sweet Suites + Interiors

A new store was released today with different items for decoration:

Most pieces are for superstars exclusively and they're also not that cheap. Some things are actually nice, though. I liked the Scottish Fold Cat, it looks really adorable:

The matching interiors are also available on the suite shop. You can get each for 30 stardollars: