Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Amazing suite #something (I think we've lost count...)

*Le wild amazing suite post coming...
Prepare yourselves, you have been warned.

So today, was I was surfing through Stardoll, looking for stuff to do (did you notice that we now have 4 Kristen Stewart dolls? Why not Jules, or Mr E? (I now take my time to advertise this really amazing band,  called The Strokes. Do spare a minute and see them on YouTube)), and this really amazing doll caught my eye... Her name is aldiialdi, you can haccess her suite by clicking here. Before you do, here's some shots:

These are but a few of her many fascinating rooms. She's also a great designer, as you can see from her hair and face accessories*. She also has that 'Staring Dad' pic for sale I particularly admire ^_^

*and from the pics on her page I can also see she has many more creative friends... Excuse this admiring footnote.


  1. i really like Aldiialdi's style,but i think i found most amazing doll on SD,here's link


  2. Hiya! Have you ever noticed, have your writting skills gone any better lately?