Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dark Designer #27

I've just recently bought 6 amazing Harry Potter designs from the user AnaWheelock. Each one costs 7$:

Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood & Ron Weasley are the characters available.
It took me some time to get them because she's already quite a famous designer and her creations sell out pretty quickly. So if you want them, try to get her online and keep updating her starbazaar so you can pick up the items firstly!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

June Hot Buys

Here's the next Hot Buys collection's picture:

Am I the only one who finds the items in general boring and cheap? 'Cause it seems that everyone is loving the clothing line.

Hotbuys Feather Drop Earrings - Splendid - 2nd June - 8$
Hotbuys Flower Dress - Bisou - 4th June - 23$
Hotbuys Swimsuit - RIO - 6th June - 21$
Hotbuys Striped pants - Evil Panda - 9th June - 15$
Hotbuys Wing Tee - Stardoll - 11th June - 16$
Hotbuys Jumpsuit - Fudge - 14th June - 25$
Hotbuys Dress - Pretty in Love - 16th June - 26$
Hotbuys Dyed Dress - Bisou - 18th June - 26$
Hotbuys Butterfly Shoes - RIO - 21st June - 14$
Hotbuys Beach Bag - Fudge - 24th June - 10$

Monday, 23 May 2011

Evening Falls vs. Harry Potter

This post is dedicated to all the Harry Potter fans (including us, all of the writers). The first Evening Falls collection (the non-steampunk one) has two pieces that remind me of something I saw.

The first item is called Floating Candles. Simple enough. The price is 10 stardollars and it's superstar.

Now here's the possible real life version. I'm sure you've seen the floating candles in the main Hogwarts chamber, right? Photo:

And the second item is called Snake Hour Glass. 9 stardollars.

In the movie, you can see it when Tom Riddle talks to Horace Slughorn. The sandclock is kind of a boring-o-meter. Photo:

Friday, 20 May 2011

Beach Villa Coming

A lot of users are still not on the Stardoll Royalty Club so I though I'd share its new post from one of the website team girls. She provided the club members with spoiler pictures about Beach Villa which I think it's about purchasing two new extra rooms (similar to the Penthouse). Photos:

The rooms seem to be larger but I'm sure it will be expensive as hell and restricted to Superstar members only.


Summer is coming and, as usual, Stardoll will release clothing collections, suites and decoration items inspired by the new Season. So, today, we got a new clothing store named Riviera with four floors full of Summer dresses and bikinis. Check the pictures, if interested:

I found the collection quite boring. Anyone agrees?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

goodbye, AmyBillieGee

AmyBillieGee has been a writer for our blog for almost a year. We appreciate everything she's contributed to it. Unfortunately, there's been some differences we can't resolve. She couldn't commit to the blog as much as we (PinkPunkGirly, black_mermaid, MissVampire) did/do and she had/has some personal issues with me. Yes, that means she is no longer a writer for this blog.

It also means black_mermaid will be the first one to be interviewed. If you haven't already, go ask a question!

But, there's something good in every bad thing, right? In this case it's another blog makeover! If anyone has any ideas, don't be shy and write them down.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Interview with the writers

We've talked about interviews with the writers (us) in our Stardoll club. I thought it was about time for a new interview. Here's the deal: we can't interview each other, so we need you guys to help us. It would be great if each of you could post a question in the comments here or in the club's topic. 5 Stardollars or a gift for each question we pick (so don't forget to sign your Stardoll username).
The first one to be interviewed will be AmyBillieGee. She'll pick 10 questions, answer them and add a photo of herself. We (PinkPunkGirly, black_mermaid and MissVampire) will do the same afterwards. If you have a question for a specific writer, just write that in the comment too. Be sure to pick interesting questions (:

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stupidity continues

The poll I came across was no better than the one previous:

Hello, people, Neptune is NOT a star (neither is Venus, contrary to popular belief - it only reflects light but does not emit it) and Justin Bieber (makes my finger curl to write his name) is no more than dog crap on your shoe sole. Open some books, brainless people. Knowing Solar system is much more important than being able to apply make-up the right way.

Justin Bieber really fits in here

Pic that illustrates the subject quite well:

Oh, the stupidity..

I was horrified when I saw today's poll result. How can more than half not know what the bing bang theory is? Are you kidding? How is the theory of how the world was created similar to MASHED POTATOES? This is almost like taking a stupidity test.

Please, is there anyone else that thinks the big bang theory should be something everyone knows of?

Von D Vest

This amazing vest is a great piece for creating rock n roll styles. It looks great with most skirts and pants, it matches any color and a lot of accessories on arms can give you a brilliant outfit. It's still on sale, in the Fallen Angel store, it's also Superstar and it costs 6 stardollars. Photo:

Stardoll got inspired by the Kat Von D leather vest, which she used to wear a lot on the Miami Ink show. It looks amazing on her:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

40 Starcoins tutorial

Stardoll's "My daily tasklist" with activities that you have to do for Starcoins is a bit awkward and useless in my opinion so I thought I'd do a tutorial with clickable links here. Do this every day and it'll save you some time 'cause you won't have to visit the tasklist page and then search for the activities every time. Here it is:

- Customize your album (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your album. A small change like moving one thing is enough. Don't forget to save it.
- Comment on an album (2 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your album. Write something like "adoighjpok" and then erase it.
- Comment on a scenery (2 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your scenery. Write something like "powekglnb" and then erase it.
- Sign a guestbook (2 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your page. Write something like "srltgkjvm" and then erase it.
- Post in your blog (2 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your blog. Write something like "lolisjbvmlk" and then erase it.
- Style your Medoll (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your Beauty parlor. A small change like moving one thing is enough. Don't forget to save it.
- Participate in a poll (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to the cover page. The poll is in the bottom right corner.
- Vote for the Best outfit (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to the Catwalk page.
- Vote for the Best Design (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to the Best Design page.
- Decorate your suite (3 Starcoins)
The link will take you to your page. A small change like moving one thing is enough. Don't forget to save it.
- Design your own clothes (2 Starcoins)
The link will take you to the StarDesign page. Make a random pattern, sew it and throw it away.
- Log in (4 Starcoins)
No further comment necessary, I assume.
- Rate a Covergirl (3 Starcoins)
- Rate an Album (3 Starcoins)
- Rate a Scenery (3 Starcoins)
I can't provide you a link with a user for the last 3 tasks, but here's a link to your friends' page. Give it a click and rate one of them for the last few Starcoins.

Those should give you 41 Starcoins. Feel free to use the guide every day if you wish. Let us know if it's useful, will you?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

filipinhamaria anarchization

If you're as stressed out as me with the new *cough*scam*cough* currency I thought I'd show you something fun. This is a new topic, called Anarchization. We (the writers) will choose one of the famous Stardollians and change their MeDoll, dress-up or suite to match our style. Then we'll post a poll for you to choose which one is best - the previous MeDoll or the ones we made.

The first one we anarchized was filipinhamaria. She was actually quite fun to work with because she really has a lot of stuff. Here's the results.
The original vs our versions (click to magnify):

Now you absolutely must vote:

New currency: Starcoins (must read)(updated)

If you logged in today, you should've seen a pop-up message, informing you about a new currency. This is another big change to the website. A link should be provided, bringing you to this page:

It says there are more ways to earn Starcoins and that Stardollars will from now on be superstar-only. If this is all still confusing, this should clear things up:

(superstar and non-superstar exchange)

(exchange for previous superstars with 10% commission)
One Stardollar is now worth ten Starcoins. It's the same basic principle as euros and cents or dollars/pounds and pennies. Starcoins can be earned by rating, customizing and creating almost anything on Stardoll.

If you want to know your way around Stardoll with the new currency and all of their new tricks, you should read this:

- Notice the first catch? When exchanging Stardollars to Starcoins, you lose 10%. That means that superstars whose ss membership expires get their Stardollars converted to Starcoins and by that lose 10% of their money.

- Another down-side is that we can only earn 40 Starcoins per day - which is only 4 Stardollars.

- The list of activities we have to do to get the 40 Starcoins is long too - and some of the things can't be done on daily bases (like starting a club) and for doing some of the listed we would have to spend at least 11 Stardollars or 110 Starcoins;
Buy a gift - 10 Starcoins,
Broadcast - 50 StarCoins,
Starplaza purchase - 10 Starcoins,
Buy a StarDesign item - 40 Starcoins,
We'd have to spend at least 110 Starcoins to make 40 Starcoins. We'd basically have to spend almost thrice as much as we'd make.
I might do a tutorial later on how to get the 40 Starcoins and avoid spending more.

- If the collectibles will still be provided when making all of the money, they will be much harder to get.

- Once you do something from the list and earn a few Starcoins (for example accept a friend's request), the whole website becomes really slow and you can't do anything for 5 to 10 seconds (depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection).

- There are less ways for non-superstars to earn the Starcoins because they can't broadcast, use the StarBazaar or the StarDesign section etc.

- The only way to get stardollars (and thus superstar items) is now to buy them with real money.

- Non-superstars can no longer obtain superstar items through StarBazaars.

- Non-superstar-bought items can only be sold for 500 Starcoins or 50 Stardollars.

- We can make 1000 Starcoins per month.
- We can reserve items.
- Non-superstars can recycle.

The superstar items will stay in the old currency - Stardollars, while the non-superstar items will now be in Starcoins.

Does anyone see how bad this new currency is or is it just me? 'Cause I just don't see all the positive aspects Stardoll and Underneath Stardoll do. I'll keep researching and updating this post.

EDIT: We just recieved this fancy letter from Stardoll. I thought I should make their scammery clear so I added the red parts of the text next to each reason why we'll love hate it it:

EDIT: The final changes were made. The items that were bought as non-superstar will now only be able to be sold in Starcoins. The Starbazaar has been divided to Superstar and Non-superstar or Starcoins sections. This means non-superstars won't be able to obtain superstar items through StarBazaars any more. It also means that valuables (such as first season DKNY) that were bought when they were non-superstars will now only be able to be sold for 500 Starcoins - or 50 Stardollars, which is (as seen on the photo) the Starcoins limit. The only good thing I see here is the new "Reserved" function. They should have thought of that one before, it would prevent a lot of scams. I've added all of these to the Up-sides and Down-sides lists above.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Super Supreme

Ze new fresh amazing collection. Justin Beaver (someone finally managed to spell his surname correctly), Yak Efron (80$? The f*ck is that), Russel Crow (of whom I'm quite fond of after A Beautiful Mind) and my personal favorite Ron Weasley (no sarcasm here), and that's only the first page. The collection also includes Lady Gaga (duh, everyone loves her). Oh, and Hannah Montana-Fontana-Banana, Bella Goose, with one fine character of Sookie (Cookie) Stackhouse (from True Blood, TV series with vampires acting like vampires, and werevolves being werevolves).
I'm not in the mood to continue, but you can check out the *drumroll* COLLECTION.
*falls asleep*