Sunday, 15 May 2011

Von D Vest

This amazing vest is a great piece for creating rock n roll styles. It looks great with most skirts and pants, it matches any color and a lot of accessories on arms can give you a brilliant outfit. It's still on sale, in the Fallen Angel store, it's also Superstar and it costs 6 stardollars. Photo:

Stardoll got inspired by the Kat Von D leather vest, which she used to wear a lot on the Miami Ink show. It looks amazing on her:


  1. I think this was one of the first items I bought on stardoll!

    I wish I had something like that in real life. It would be awesome to wear.

  2. Everything looks amazing on her...*_* I'm not ss though...>:|

  3. I have this one! It looks amazing :)

  4. She is amazing!! I love her style! :)