Friday, 20 May 2011

Beach Villa Coming

A lot of users are still not on the Stardoll Royalty Club so I though I'd share its new post from one of the website team girls. She provided the club members with spoiler pictures about Beach Villa which I think it's about purchasing two new extra rooms (similar to the Penthouse). Photos:

The rooms seem to be larger but I'm sure it will be expensive as hell and restricted to Superstar members only.


  1. it will be more expensive than the penthouse for sure...
    anyway I don't need more rooms right now since I still have some rooms empty and I 'm not willing to spend a fortune..

  2. In my opinion they are nice!
    Since all the members talk for it and stardoll wanted to make us expect it with so much agony I beleive that it will be something really good and expensive at the same time.!

  3. I'm just waiting for Stardoll to finally launch some decent furniture and decor in order for me to fill my almost empty suite. Fantasy Hotel was veeeeeeeeery disappointing.

  4. There's many cool itens, but I'm not grasped with.

  5. I've bought my Beach Villa yesterday!!! I love it!!! It's huge!