Saturday, 7 May 2011

The exotic animals have grown!

First our kittens grew, then the puppies and now, at last, the Pêt-à-Porter exotic animals have become juvenile! Here are the cuties:

There's that little glitch with the elephant and the horse, hope they fix that soon.

Anyway, if you read the other posts of this type, you'll know that the owners of one of those virtual pets got a free carrier and a letter from Stardoll.

The letter, same as the one sent for the other pets

And the carrier, in a not very nice colour:

What do you think about it? Are you the owner of one of the animals?


  1. i have an owl, Vladimir, but he hasn't changed a lot!he's stil cute though!He looks like a snowball!

  2. I bought the zorse, and it looks better now than before.

  3. Some are pretty fine but I own nothing!

  4. I wished to have the tiger and own :(

  5. I Have The Elephant I Love His Enlarged Ears!!