Thursday, 26 May 2011

June Hot Buys

Here's the next Hot Buys collection's picture:

Am I the only one who finds the items in general boring and cheap? 'Cause it seems that everyone is loving the clothing line.

Hotbuys Feather Drop Earrings - Splendid - 2nd June - 8$
Hotbuys Flower Dress - Bisou - 4th June - 23$
Hotbuys Swimsuit - RIO - 6th June - 21$
Hotbuys Striped pants - Evil Panda - 9th June - 15$
Hotbuys Wing Tee - Stardoll - 11th June - 16$
Hotbuys Jumpsuit - Fudge - 14th June - 25$
Hotbuys Dress - Pretty in Love - 16th June - 26$
Hotbuys Dyed Dress - Bisou - 18th June - 26$
Hotbuys Butterfly Shoes - RIO - 21st June - 14$
Hotbuys Beach Bag - Fudge - 24th June - 10$


  1. the real version of the shoes is amazing!the rest of the clothes are quite boring except maybe the pants!

  2. i agree with ya PinkPunkGirly
    i think the whole clothing line sucks

  3. I think I just vomited a little.

    Aren't the shoes McQueen?

  4. I quite like the shoes but they'll be ss as always so...-.-

  5. They do look boring.
    And the pink dress... ew

  6. I Like the shoes and the green dress!All the other clothes are OK but i found the new hotbuys cool!Bloom-1999

  7. I agree... it looks awfully usual. Hot Buys used to stand out, now it looks like any other piece of wrapping...

  8. The only thing I like is the bag, but I wish it was black, as the original. The funny thing is, that the IRL bag is cheaper than 1 month of Superstar membership.

  9. I love the Butterfly Shoes *.*

  10. I love the shoes and the pants aren't bad at all

  11. It seems like the HB's just get uglier and more expensive as time goes by :\

  12. I bought the pants and shoes...they're amazing!! ^.^