Wednesday, 31 March 2010

2nd Olsenboye collection

There's a new Olsenboye collection on Stardoll. There's nothing in black and everything is too brigt, but some of you might like it anyway so click here if you want it.

Monday, 29 March 2010

New LE

So, here's the new LE, as pink and horrible as always. But it's a good money-making thing (for both Stardoll and its users, if you have money), so use it with brains. Everyone received the pic of it in their messages. If you haven't, admire it here:

Whether you have admired it already, still admire it. Stardoll will appreciate that.

So, about the collection. It's pink and, well, like spring. I cannot find more words. I'm speechless from admiration.
I personally liked two pairs of shoes. Those green on the pic and some others, black. Even if I was superstar and had enough money for them, I don't think I would buy them. They make my eyes burn *_*

April Hotbuys

Here's the new collection of the brand Hot buys:

I personally think the March Hot buys were way better than these ones. However, it's a great investment to buy the clothes and sell them in the next months. It will surely give you a good amount of money.

Hot Buys Vest

The last item from March Hot buys in up on sale. It looks pretty awesome, and I'm definitely buying it. It's Fallen Angel, it costs 7$ and its only for superstars:

In real life, it's Versace. Picture:

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hot Buys Dress

The whole Stardoll is saving money for the new LE so there really isn't much to write about. If I wanted to write about something, I had no other choice but to do another "autopsy report."
This one is the Hot Buys Dress. I can't find it in the magazine archive, but it's a few years old. The original price was 10$ and the brand is Fallen Angel.

The real life version is Luella and it's called Penelope Ribbon Dress. Check it out.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Idoru Dress

This post is about Fallen Angel's Idoru Dress. It's been in the Fallen Angel shop for years now and it still hasn't sold out. That either means that nobody wants to buy it or it means that Stardoll makes such profit of it that they keep it in the shop. It's superstar and it costs 6$ - pretty cheap considering dresses usually cost more than 10$.

I've been browsing for some dresses a few days ago and I found this lovely gothic lolita dress that looks exactly like the one on Stardoll. I don't know who designed it though, sorry. Here's the picture.

New LE on the way

I'm not sure anyone has noticed this, but the LE store is being renovated. That means that in a few days there's gonna be new LE! There was some spoilers about the upcoming clothes and the theme is kind of flowery with a lot of pink.

Will you be saving your money and buying some of these? If they turn out to be sellable, this could make a great investment.

Friday, 26 March 2010

New OTTO store

This is the new collection of the store OTTO:

The collection isn't that great but I'm completely in love with the black leggings. They look perfect and you can pull off quite a few looks with them. If you're interested in purchasing any item just click here.

Spiked Metal Tiara

I absolutely love this Hot buys item! Well, of course I do, I'm a huge fan of spikes. This tiara reminds me of the 60's Punk Rock style. It costs 6$ and its only for superstars.

In real life it's Givenchy. Here's a picture:

New gothic interior

There's some really cool interior items in the Minishop. Stardoll tagged them "goth" - I'm not sure about that, but they do seem dark and creepy. I especially love the windows! Go check them out.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Greece clothes

Greece clothing was just released. Its independence day is March 25th (they've been independent since 1821 - long time eh?). Greece has some political problems at the moment, I think this is some kind of a support. Some clothes are superstar, some aren't. There's a free shirt too, just log in with a greek proxy. Nothing is dark or anything like that, unfortunately.

Since it's mother's day today, I was thinking Stardoll should release some freebies, but I guess they weren't thinking the same.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

March Starplaza sale

There is March's sale going on. I have to point out, not even one item of the Fallen Angel brand is on sale. Stardoll is putting less and less items up for sale. Half of all clothes used to be on sale some time ago.
As there is nothing I like, I picked two best options for you to buy.

1: McQueen Inspired Dress two, Tingeling, 5$
2: Balmain Inspired Dress, Tingeling, 6$


As perhaps you all have noticed (shame on me, I noticed it just this week), Stardoll started a new program. You can find it on Magazine -> Animalistic. Here's the link to it. It's about endangered species - animals that are likely to die out soon. This month it's the Red-eyed tree frog; you can take one to your suite for free by clicking Adopt it on the frog's pic. Stardoll writes that they care about endangered species; I just hope it's not only about giving free animal items to users' suites.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hot Buys Shoulder Chains Belt

This time it's part of the Hot Buys 2010 March collection. It's called Rio Hot Buys Shoulder Chains Belt. I believe it's very practical because it's an accessory and it fits any style at all. I've seen alot of people buy it already, it'll be out of the shops and in our starbazaars soon. Anyway, you can still get it in Starplaza for 6$ - like all the Hot Buys, it's superstar.

Now to the real life version. It's Falconiere Multi-chain metal epaulets. As I understood, Falconiere is an american Jewelry designer. You can get this perticular piece for 505€.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Funny password glitch

I'm not sure if anyone else tried this, but when my account got hacked, I tried to make a longer password that would be harder to hack. I was playing with some letters and I noticed that if you type in a really long password in the 'New Password' section, you get this:

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Stardoll Accounts

Here's a Stardoll new. If you create a new account with this link, now Stardoll provides you a free outfit! Now you must be thinking "The clothes must be all pinky" but you're wrong! Stardoll though about us. You can choose some outfits with Gothic/punk clothes, chains or even the Nirvana shirt.

Dark Designer #8

This one is one of the most popular Stardoll's designers.


She's not really our style, she doesn't have skulls or guitars or punk rockers on tops but, still.. She's amazing. She has Tom & Jerry designs ^^ and some really awesome Betty Poop ones. This is what she's selling at this moment (7$ for the shirts and 13$ for the dresses).

Lights off theme

There's a new theme in the shops and I thought I'd post about it since it's a bit darker. Here's some clothes that arrived in the shops lately. Alot of them are Fallen Angel and most of them are black. Some are really nice, too.

Now when I first saw the theme, I thought it was related to the Earth Hour project. Earth Hour is suppose to be one hour when everyone in this entire world turns out the lights for an hour. It's never gonna happen that everyone will do it, but some might. Anyways, there's a countdown here.

When you agree to turn off the lights, you also get this free earth-shaped light bulb: