Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hot Buys Bisou Jacket

This one is a Hot Buys Bisou Jacket. It's part of the Hot Buys 2010 February collection. It's not in starbazaars yet, but it will be soon. The price is 13$ - not cheap, but could be even more expensive aswell. Even though it's green, it has that military look that makes it so awesome. I just had to buy it. And you?

In real life, it's part of Balmain's collection. It's a bit longer and the details are kind of golden, unlike Stardoll's silver ones. It's one of those clothes that look good in real life and on Stardoll - if you know how to use it, ofcourse.


  1. I love this jacket!!! But I don't find who sell me it ç__ç

  2. I finally found the jacket!

    it goes good with all my clothes!