Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Play & Earn?

This came as a message, I think everyone received it. It's a new way to earn stardollars. I think their best idea was when we could play games and earn an unlimited amount of stardollars + get one stardollar a day which we could then save.

This system allows you 70 stardollars a month. I have to admit, it's better than getting only 50, but according to the picture, the last stardollar will be the only one we'll be able to save. That means that we'll be able to save 14 stardollars and we'll be able to play for 14 days a month if we'll want to save anything.
I don't know what Stardoll is trying to do here, but there's more and more complains about how selfish they are. I just hope we'll get our old system back.


  1. I like the recent one. I learned American geography thanks to it :D

  2. Yeah, I learned where all the European, Asian and American countries are, too (: