Saturday, 6 March 2010

Goth fairy wings

The Goth fairy wings are pretty old. They were in the shops twice, the second time only for a day (or maybe it was two?) and for 14$. The price is pretty fair I suppose. Oh yeah, and they're Tingeling > pretty much where alot of awesome stuff is.

The wings were originally on one of the Amy Lee dolls > if you click, you'll see that they were different before. Stardoll changed them.
I thought Amy wore them in an Evanescence video. It made sense because I doubt she'd wear them in public, but in a video she could easily do it. That way I could show you guys how they look like in real life, but I never found them. The closest I found was a video with Seether where she's wearing black wings, here it is:

If you find the real version, please let me know.

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