Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New hair dye colors

Have you ever heard about Manic Panic? They're worldwide-known hair dyes with freaky shades. People like Marilyn Manson use them. They had a Manic Panic stand when I went to Metalcamp too. So if you want crazy hair, you'll use those products. Here's how it looks like:

Why am I telling you all this? Well, Manic Panic was the first thing I thought of when I checked out the new Dorée collection on Stardoll. I mean, there's some really awesome colors in the shops right now and I don't think they'll be there long. We've got Purple, Cake Pink, Pout Red, Marine, Vintage Denim Blue, Sea Foam Silver, Fairy Green, Orange and Atmosphere Green.

I'm pretty sure some of those were in the shops before because I already own Sea Foam Silver, but for those who don't have any of those shades, it's an awesome opportunity to change your hair color into Manic Panic style.


  1. and just when my ss membership ended!!! I want at least half of them

  2. Love this! Bought all of them :D
    Im just wanting for the return of the black shadow *.*