Thursday, 11 March 2010

An article about Dita von Teese

I didn't believe at first when I saw this, really *_* So. To the point. Dita von Teese is a famous model, stripper (as far as I've heard), Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfiend, also, last year she appeared in Eurovision Song Contest (*cough cough* show contest) to strip for Germany singer (don't ask me how did I find this out, but this wasn't my idea to find out. Also, she had to get naked after some time, but it didn't because kids are watching it (and only kids, I'm sure), so she just danced there a bit)

Definetely not a person Stardoll would choose as a role model. But they made her doll, anyway. So, there's an article about her. She's got a new boyfriend, I see. Nevermind that. For myself - I like her.

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