Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Amazing Suite

Her username is aura2241. She's Gothic and her suite completely amazes me.
In this case I can totally say that an image is worth a 1000 words. Check out this room:
It's like looking at the sky with fire and tons of constellations. Not even in 10 years I would remember to do something like this on Stardoll. It looks amazing!

Everything looks great on this. The Japanese art, the piano, the color's combination... Its truly beautiful.

This one is very dark. I guess all the dark lovers will love this room and the next one:

This is my favorite suite on Stardoll. She's very inspiring and original. I hope she'll keep the awesome job.


  1. I love Aura!! She is one of my best friends on Stardoll, and she really does have the best suite and doll. Plus she's funny xD

  2. ehehe she is :D:D I love to talk with her ^^