Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hot Buys Chinese Inspired Dress

This new dress that recently got out is Folk. That makes sense because Stardoll uses Folk as cultural clothing and this is a Chinese dress.
The dress is incredibly expensive in my opinion, 16$ is way too much since non-superstars would need 16 days to get one of these (but they couldn't buy more than 3 in a month). Well, they couldn't do it anyway, because it's superstar, like everything lately. I really wanna write about positive things, but Stardoll is just getting more and more greedy every day.
Back to the dress. Hot Buys Chinese Inspired Dress:

It's suppose to be Topshop. There's certain similarities, that's true, but the pattern is wrong.. Well, Stardoll makes some changes too, so I do believe this is the one:

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