Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Starpoint facts & tips

Due to new starpoint hair being released, I think we should introduce you with some starpoint facts. You'll get more starpoints in a quicker time if you follow this. Collecting starpoints is smart because you get some free stuff along the way, some stuff that aren't available for anyone, new starpoint haircuts and this lovely tree:

There's some basic starpoint rules, read these first.

1. You can only get 12 starpoints a day.
- that means that messages offering 12908479857 starpoints if you forward them do not work.
2. You can not get starpoints by writing long messages.
- that means copy/paste doesn't go well.
3. The easiest way to get starpoints is to do everything Stardoll offers.
- and that means the things on the list below.

Now as I said, the easiest way to get starpoints is to do everything. It might seem a bit crazy when you read it, but this system has been tested and it really works. Here's the 13 things you'd have to do to get 12 starpoints every day (you only have to do 12 to get 12):

1. Change your MeDoll.
- not a lot, maybe just move some jewelry for a bit.
2. Change your suite.
- the same as upper. (jewelry = clothes)
3. Change your presentation.
- the same as upper. (jewelry = words)
4. Write a message.
- it can be to yourself and it can be blank.
5. Write a guestbook post.
- same as upper.
6. Write a starblog post.
- same as upper.
7. Make a photo/scenery.
- it can be blank.
8. Dress up a Doll.
- it can be naked.
9. Comment a Doll.
- just write "starpointing."
10. Comment an album.
- it can be yours and blank.
11. Comment a photo/scenery.
- same as upper.
12. Comment a Starblog.
- same as upper.
13. Buy something.
- this is the one that Stardoll likes the most.

There is also other ways. If you do (for example) alot of buying in the Starplaza, you can get several starpoints for one thing, but nobody really knows how much you have to spend to get multiple starpoints. That's why I just stick with the upper list. I hope this helped some of you.


  1. There's lots of ways to get 12sp a day :D I mean, by testing You can find the easiest way for You ^^

    For some time I was doing: three empty sceneries, three songs in starblog, 15 album comments, and one broadcast message ^^ I don't care how much I earn now :P