Monday, 29 November 2010

New Sunny Bunny and Sunny Bunny Klōz

A new Sunny Bunny collection has been released, this time with some clothes and wigs - Sunny Bunny Klōz. There's also new eyelashes, bows and eye make-up in the regular Sunny Bunny store. I like the collection, but I'm not crazy about the clothes.. Anyone agree?

(click to magnify)

Hot Buys Bracelet

A new Hot Buy is in Starplaza - it's called Hot Buys Bracelet and it costs 6$, superstar of course. It was labeled with the Fallen Angel brand. I personally love it. It looks dark and yet elegant.

In real life, it's Topshop. Here's a picture:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

"New" Interior

As I checked the suite shop this morning, I found out a new interior was for sale:

Déjà vu? No surprise, since it is the same interior that was given to us in the end of Opera House Mystery. Only this time it costs 17 stardollars, is superstar and it's called Venetian Opera House.

If many of these interiors were given for free, why make this? I know some of you don't own it, but Stardoll could make them free, or cheap, and definitely for all users. I smell money scheme.

Halloween COMPETITION winner

This month's competition is over and we have a winner. There were some amazing outfits and the top 3 most voted all looked really awesome, but in the end we chose Punky_Lissy and her Evil Queen of the Forest dress-up. Congratulations!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Sheet Dress Leather Slvs

I really like this dress, and I don't see many people buying it for some reason I ignore. It's called Sheet Dress Leather Slvs, it's Superstar and you can find it on the Fallen Angel store. It costs 15$. I love the shape of it, plus it's black and it looks awesome with a nice pair of goth boots. Here's how it looks:

In real life it's from Gareth Pugh. It looks great to me:

Thursday, 25 November 2010

December Hot Buys

Here they are, the last Hot Buys of this year!

I'd say they're more proper to a autumn season, rather than a cold month like December. The colour scheme is manly pastel tones and some gold, and it has a certain glamour touch that I despise.

For you to formulate your own opinion, a picture of the mentioned:

And now, the release dates of all items:

Hot Buys Belted Top - Bisou, December 2nd
Hot Buys Jacket - Pretty in Pink, December 6th
Hot Buys Necklace - Splendid, December 8th
Hot Buys Lace Dress - Voile, December 10th
Hot Buys Party Dress - Fudge, December 11th - 17$
Hot Buys Boots - RIO, December 13th - 9$
Hot Buys Coat - Pretty in Pink, December 16th - 20$
Hot Buys Purse - RIO, December 21st - 9$
Hot Buys Gown - Voile, December 23rd - 18$
Hot Buys Dress- RIO, December 25th - 17$

Like the collection? I don't!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Other World

I'm sure you all have noticed the Other World store right? It's all about fantasy and imagination. If you like such things, I recommend you to take a look at the store and check the new floor. We have a dragon, an unicorn, amazing trees, moons and much more. About the clothes.. I'm not a big fan of them, except for the Wings or the Horns, so I'll spend my money on the interior items. The prices go from 5$ to 18$. Picture:

EDIT: We also have a new Interior (Other World Interior 2 Air Castle) for 20$. Check it on your suite sale:

November Starplaza sale

There isn't many pieces worth buying up for sale, except the Mortal Kiss stuff. But here's my picks:

1: Birt Print BF T-shirt, Mortal Kiss, 3$
2: Finn's Askew Cap, Mortal Kiss, 1$
3: Black Leather Bow Belt, Bisou, 2$
4: Black Pleather Platforms, Bisou, 2$

another free Forbidden Rose dress

Here's another free dress from Forbidden Rose. I don't like this one as much, but since it's free.. Anyway, to get it, log into Stardoll with this proxy and visit this link:

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mortal Kiss shop sale

6 floors of the Mortal Kiss shop are on sale! I was never crazy about the book, but the clothes look amazing so I'll surely buy some. The prices seem quite fair and worth buying. My favorite piece is Finn's Askew Cap in the boys section.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Black Friday

New email we got today. The concept of it is, however, old.

As before, I believe in summer, we have a scale and every time we spent a certain amount of money while shopping, we fill the mentioned scale, receiving gifts.

The gifts, of course, are not anything worth spending money on, and I don't think that a follower of this blog will like them, except perhaps the laced top and black heels.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tarja Turunen doll

Here's another awesome doll most of you know.

This is Tarja Turunen, former singer of Nightwish. I don't like her as a person (here's why), but she's an awesome singer. She has an amazing style, gothic and elegant at the same time. I've found four dresses off the Stardoll rack in real life. Here they are:

While we're at it, you should check out one of Nightwish's song from the Tarja era. Enjoy:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Hot Buys Leather Dress

A new Hot Buys piece is out. It looks really well designed and I love the shape, so I decided to buy it. As usual, it's only for Superstars and you can find it on Rio store. It costs 16$. Picture:

In real life, it's from Diesel Black Gold. I really hope it's not real leather:

Animal cruelty on Stardoll

I was shocked when I saw this. There have been some things added in the new Palazzo store (by the way, the mirror's price was fixed to 10$). All 3 mannequins have new accessories - wild animals that do not belong on a leash. Is there anyone else that sees how cruel this is?

Comment if you're with me..

New Doreé Collection

Today we have a new collection from Doreé. The colors are all light and everything costs 6$. I personally think the collection is quite boring. I was expecting them to release the dark purple which I want for months. Pictures:

Will you buy any?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Other World

A new amazing and original (can you believe it?) shop in stardoll (no sarcastic *clap clap* from my side). Amazing choice for those who always wanted to have a fairy-tale inspired room (or for those who just happened to have a lot of money and have just came up with the idea). Even the amazing pond is sellable. There are both clothes and interior items. Yeah, and it's all for ss. Prices range from 5 to 16sd. (That horrible skirt is the one that costs 16) That's quite a little for usual stardoll matters.

It even has a matching interior: (never mind me in the corner, enjoy the view)

btw the interior is available for non-ss members too, and it costs 18sd.