Thursday, 25 November 2010

December Hot Buys

Here they are, the last Hot Buys of this year!

I'd say they're more proper to a autumn season, rather than a cold month like December. The colour scheme is manly pastel tones and some gold, and it has a certain glamour touch that I despise.

For you to formulate your own opinion, a picture of the mentioned:

And now, the release dates of all items:

Hot Buys Belted Top - Bisou, December 2nd
Hot Buys Jacket - Pretty in Pink, December 6th
Hot Buys Necklace - Splendid, December 8th
Hot Buys Lace Dress - Voile, December 10th
Hot Buys Party Dress - Fudge, December 11th - 17$
Hot Buys Boots - RIO, December 13th - 9$
Hot Buys Coat - Pretty in Pink, December 16th - 20$
Hot Buys Purse - RIO, December 21st - 9$
Hot Buys Gown - Voile, December 23rd - 18$
Hot Buys Dress- RIO, December 25th - 17$

Like the collection? I don't!


  1. Boring. I won't buy a thing. Maybe that purple dress... maybe...

  2. I despise most of them..but maybe I will get a white top and the purple dress.

  3. I like them...but not so much to buy them!

  4. I like that purple dress, it looks real good :D
    But look at the lace dress! Doesn't it look similar to the Octoer HotBuys corset? They ran out of ideas in Stardoll :S

  5. that's cause of the real life versions. they're from the Alexis Mabille fall 2010 collection and personally, I really liked it and I'm happy they made 5 Hot Buys inspired by it. if you're interested, check it out:

  6. Oh it's really interesting...I love the colours!

  7. awesome! i love them and i'll buy everything!