Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mortal Kiss

As you all know, some time ago Mortal Kiss got a new floor with a few nice clothes. The pieces I liked the most were the hats (4 of them) and the purses. I personally think they're beautiful and you can create some amazingly original medolls with them. Therefore, I took some time finding the real versions. But first, here they are the Stardoll versions:

Hathor Inspired Lace Headdress (4$):

Blood Orchid and Cage Hat

Flowy Feathers Headdress

Veil of Darkness Hat

Sinister Matrioshka Purse

Serpent and Orb Purse

And finally, the real life versions I found:

From Philip Treacy (he's a great milliner, click here to see his other works):

And from Chanel:


  1. Ive always been a fan of Philip Treacys work. I'm mad for hats :)
    Good job with the post!

  2. wow. i had no idea that these fine things actually were in real life as well. I am a new fan of Philip Treacy now!! thanks for posting this and now i'm gonna go buy the lace headdress in your first pic and the little brown sinister purse, too!

    What a great posting!! Thanks so much.

  3. I forgot to mention that I already own the other things in your post, so now I'm going to complete the collection you just posted!!

    Thanks again. I just love this blog!!