Tuesday, 9 November 2010


These are called Belt (4$), Criss Cross Stud Belt (3$) and Chain Embellished Belt (4$). I thought it would be useless to make separate posts so I just put all of them in one. These are amazing, I love them, they go with loads of outfits. They're also cheap and non-superstar, which is great. They're out of the Inspired by Anarchy on Stardoll Fallen Angel collection.

Here's some real life versions. Again, they're not exactly the same, but they're the closest I found. I took these from blackrose.co.uk wich is a british goth clothing shop. I recommend it for European people, their stuff is very cheap and the shipping costs are low too.


  1. you should order it on blackrose, it'll only cost you 15€ or something (:

  2. i have one that looks kinda like the third one xD