Monday, 1 November 2010

Awesome blog

Should have written about this ages ago.

Its name is SongOrStardoll (because it's both about music and stardoll, and some other amazing stuff), run by Yasmin and Charlotte (on stardoll known as Yazzieblue and ClubKaiser), founded around the middle of this October (a young one, surely)
You can visit it by ckicking here


  1. Hi! I discovered your blog today, in an interview that Callie.Stardoll made for the blog Underneath Stardoll. "She" said that Anarchy on Stardoll is her fave blog, and I decided to know it better...
    What can I say? I was really surpreise when I saw this gothic, dark blog (a totally surprise, really different). It's actually pretty cool :)
    I'm actually not goth, or 'pink and cute', but it's cool finding a blog that outstands like this.
    The layout is really cool, really awesome.
    Beside that, you have good quality posts, and express your opinion (something that other blogs never do :/ ).
    I must say, this blog will be definetly between my favorites. And those items you designed to the site... amazing! You totally represent the gothic style :)
    Congratulations to all of you, girls. You are proud of your style, never beeing afraid of the fact that Stardoll is filled with the same cute dolls and blogs.

  2. OMG have you read the interview with callie on

    This is what she said:

    Do you have any favorite stardoll blogs?(...besides )

    We do love underneath ... but another recent fave is anarchyonstardoll -- we recently (last week) worked with them on releasing a collection of clothing inspired by their site -- they even did the styling of the Starplaza windows for us!


  3. Do you actually read the comments? lol

  4. yay! :D that's awesome