Saturday, 13 November 2010

Polish Independence Day

Recently Stardoll released a model of a Radium atom. I found it bizarre - since when does this website promote chemistry?

But today I found out the motive behind it. Yesterday was Independence Day in Poland, and it was Marie Skłodowska Curie, a polish scientist, who discovered the atom mentioned above, among other useful and important things. If you are interested in knowing more, click here.

As usual Stardoll made a few outfits, inspired by the creations of polish designers. I found the real life versions, although the clothes were modified, you can clearly see the similarities.

See Through Jumper and See Through Pants are by Dawid Tomaszewski:

And the the Pink Fluffy Shorts, Pink Fluffy Top and Black Bowtie Belt are by Maciej Zień

Sorry for the delay in my post.


  1. there was that undefined-sex atom once, though according to my countings it may be Oxygen as its weight might be 16

  2. Yes, but that atom was inserted in that whole "future lab" sale.

    But I found that atom odd. I mean, nowadays the correct model is the electron cloud model, and not the elliptical one.

  3. indeed, it's not as neat as usual people are used to see