Thursday, 18 November 2010

Other World

A new amazing and original (can you believe it?) shop in stardoll (no sarcastic *clap clap* from my side). Amazing choice for those who always wanted to have a fairy-tale inspired room (or for those who just happened to have a lot of money and have just came up with the idea). Even the amazing pond is sellable. There are both clothes and interior items. Yeah, and it's all for ss. Prices range from 5 to 16sd. (That horrible skirt is the one that costs 16) That's quite a little for usual stardoll matters.

It even has a matching interior: (never mind me in the corner, enjoy the view)

btw the interior is available for non-ss members too, and it costs 18sd.


  1. It seems so enchanted and fairy-like :D
    I bought quite a few things from this collection:)

  2. My interior is stuck like this :@

  3. I bought almost all of the decor items...except for the big bolder/grotto thing-y.
    I found everything so beautiful and im sure ill buy more when i start setting the room up.
    The clothes r not my style but bought the see-thro bodysuits

  4. Dont worry Anonymous my interior is like that too. I bought this the day it came out and I would buy the other items because there really pretty, but I'm not superstar so I cant :(


  5. if it's nice (and it is) let's leave it plain ^^
    PS: Heve you seen Palazzo recently? Stardoll has gone too far - cheetah on a halter ...

  6. They're simply amazing but I'm not superstar...I definately saw palazzo...! Sick People!!!