Saturday, 26 February 2011

March Hot Buys

The new Hot Buys are out. I adore the hippie-like jacket and the tie. Not so crazy about the others though. What do you guys think? Here's the pic and dates:

Hot Buys Vest - Rio, March 1st - 12$
Hot Buys Shoes - Rio, March 3rd - 8$
Hot Buys Feather Broch - Fudge, Maarch 5th - 7$
Hot Buys Dress - Fudge, March 8th - 12$
Hot Buys Star Tie - Evil Panda, March 11th - 8$
Hot Buys Blouse - Pretty in Pink, March 15th - 11$
Hot Buys Bag
- Fudge, March 17th - 10$
Hot Buys Stud Dress - Fallen Angel, March 20th - 12$
Hot Buys Sweater - Fudge, March 22nd - 14$
Hot Buys Flash Skirt - Evil Panda, March 29th - 12$

Friday, 25 February 2011

Skin Colors

I guess this is the last update we'll get on Beauty Parlors for some time. This time, we have new skin colors and, obviously, only Superstar members can use them. I honestly think that little things like these should be free.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We're having a bunch of amazing items this time. They're so many that we've chose the best ones. Check them by yourself:

I see Gothic inspiration here. Aren't they gorgeous?

If you're not from USA, and if you want to get the black jacket and a few more clothes, click here. The clothes were inspired by the Beastly movie.

All the items were released as "Evening Falls" store. I'm definitely going to spend some money here:

Monday, 21 February 2011

Update on the competition!

Our running competition, the McQueen one (click here for more details and to submit an entry) has been extended for one more week, due to lack of entries.

So, unleash your creativity and upload something until 28th February!

Sincerely, Anarchy on Stardoll Staff.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh my..

I couldn't resist at posting this. Recently, Stardoll released some new clothes (which you can see at the "New" tab on Starplaza) and one of the pieces completely horrified me. It's a long dress with a mix of blue and pink with awful balls to make it worse. And it has a real life version (!!!):

Louis Vuitton was the genius. I wonder if anyone has paid 9$ for this..

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suite sale

February's suite sale has some pretty cool stuff. Here's my picks:

1: Spiderweb lantern, Fallen Angel, 2$
2: African Table, Roots, 4$
3: Oval Office Presidental Desk, Decades, 6$
4: Lace Black Sofa, Fallen Angel, 3$
5: Lace Black Chair, Fallen Angel, 3$

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

LUXE Offer

Again, Stardoll is making another useless offer. This time, if you purchase a Superstar membership or buy Stardollars, you'll get two LUXE horrible items for free (and they won't be release on Starplaza): a yellow and salmon lipsticks.

If they're so desperate to get money, at least they could be more generous and smarter. I don't think anyone will give extra money for these.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

serious style spotted

This amazingly creative girl has once again pulled off an amazing outfit. Check out RoyalRuby7395, is she amazing or what?

Monday, 14 February 2011

February Collectible Doll

I've just received the Play & Earn doll. I'm not sure what she represents, she just looks like a damn super hero to me.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kat Scarf Top

Since we're having a McQueen month, I decided to post about one more creation from this fantastic designer. Kat Scarf Top is originally from Kat Von D's doll (It's still a mystery why the doll was deleted) and you guys can find it on the Evil Panda store for 5$, only for Superstar members. This top can be used in many, many ways and there's no doubt that you can create awesome looks with it. Here's the Stardoll version:

In real life, the top was made from an Alexander McQueen skull scarf. He created many in different colors but the top was made with the one below:

And, (of course) my favorite tattooist, the amazing Kat Von D, wears the scarf as a top in real life:

Doesn't it look awesome?

Interview with Ruth-Sechmet

Ruth-Sechmet is a very popular and well-known Stardollian that we interviewed this time. She is a great designer so check out her bazaar and purchase yourself a painting. Her MeDoll and suite are just magnificent, she owns gazillions of awesome pieces of clothing, and she's very nice and kind - so there is no surprise that she has been Covergirl.

What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
If he catches me eye, by anything, it is the way of being. The expression, what his eyes say, the way of acting. It might sound complicated, but it's just classifying as a positive or negative character. Though, I don't care if it's one or another, both are interesting.

Do you like mangos?
I don't like exotic fruits. I don't like fruits much at all. But I love watermelons.

If you could wipe one singer off the face of earth, who would it be?
How much would it change, after one bad singer comes another, more or less irritating? But I would delete my classmate Michael. He sings a lot during practical lessons which turns me insane. It looks like he has an orphan disease...

What is the meaning of life?
Life's meaningless, at least to me. It's just about what you're going to do with yours. I think that I'm here for others. As long as I have someone who needs me, I'm going on. Obvious, it's so close, but often hard to see. There's no need to look around for a great definition, who needs it?

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
No, but my sisters and my best friend had a period when they had a lot of them, and they were treating them like real people. That was confusing, especially to strangers in public places. We had one story about an imaginary boy, everyone around thought he's real. At the end, we said he committed suicide. It was hard to keep it believable.

Which is the word you use the most?
"Probably" and "Maybe". I haven't noticed it by myself, my sister's saying I use them a lot. She might be right.

What is your favorite age you've been so far?
I like being the age I am now, or I was a year ago I should say. I'll be 18 years old soon in March, it scares me a bit. But every new thing is scary, right? My childhood is coming to its end. Maybe I can't show the child I am on the outside, but I want to keep it inside as long as I can.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I haven't thought about it. I would like to see the northern lights. So, anywhere where I could see them.

What is beauty?
I'm not sure. Each person sees it differently. It's something you can find everywhere, in everything, more or less outspreaded, in different amounts and forms. It's hard to understand it. It's not a perfect make up and big words, but a right dose of imperfection. Beauty can't be obvious and visible.

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?
Be where you are, with your body and mind. Thinking about moon while being on the earth won't make you standing on both, enjoy your location the best you can :3

And of course the photo of this gorgeous girl:

I've gotta say, I'm loving the dress-up. Now check out her suite, leave her a comment and give her 5 stars for her amazingness.

Friday, 11 February 2011


Make an (of course) Alexander McQueen themed outfit. Try to re-create his freaky style. Go for strong, powerful, sensual, emotional outfit that makes a statement. Be sure to accessorize. For inspiration, check his collections on or Wooldoor's McQueen graphics. Here's also a few photos:

Visit my suite (search for MissVampire or click here). You must dress my doll up, using at least one of the pieces from the room I am in. They are all inspired by McQueen. You can use anything from my suite (including my wardrobe), as long as one of the pieces is from the McQueen room. When you're done, take a screen shot and upload it to ImageShack/PhotoBucket/TinyPic. Paste the link of your outfit in comments. It would be nice if you also make a screen print of the make-up you use, but that's optional.

~ You can not ask for votes.
~ You can not write on the image or change it in any way, it has to be clear.
~ You must be a blog follower.
~ You must tell us your Stardoll nickname and if you're superstar or not.
~ You must leave the comment from your blogger account so we can check if you're a follower.
Your entry won't be valid if you don't follow the rules.

The best outfit receives one of these:
~ sms code (worth 65 stardollars and 2 weeks of superstar) OR
~ 65 stardollars in cash
This competition is a joined one with Inbetween Stardoll so there will be 3 prizes for superstars and 3 for non-superstars.

Example: (my own dress-up)

(click to magnify)

Contest runs until 21st February 2010.
Also, if there is anything you need me to purchase or change on my MeDoll in order to improve your dress-up, just let me know.

McQueen month part one? Check! Part two?

The first part of our campaign - 2$ McQueen inspired tops - is over. I'm happy to announce that we have sold 216 (!) shirts. Thanks to everyone who bought them and thanks to our lovely donators. Here's all the people that donated, give them a click and 5 stars just for being awesome and making it possible for you guys to buy the designs:


The next step of the campaign will be a competition that will be announced later today. I'd also like to remind you all what this campaign is all about - one of the greatest and most influental designers died exactly one year ago - RIP Alexander McQueen.
Here's some eye candy, some of his designs that weren't published on Stardoll:

Thursday, 10 February 2011

SMW Lottery

Just a quick message: if you haven't checked Stardoll's Most Wanted lately, check now because they're having a huge lottery with the main prize of 1000$. Click here for more info.

New Sunny Bunny Klōz + Pretty in Pink Heart Shop

We got some stores updated today.

Sunny Bunny Klōz - we got some new inspired Lolita dresses, head accessories, purses, shoes and gloves. All light-coloured and Superstar, prices ranging between 5 and 16 $.

Pretty in Pink Heart Shop - also new dresses, shoes and purses, the dominating colour being red and with a lot of odd patterns. Again, all items are Superstar-exclusive and the price range is between 5 and 11 $.

Like any? I do not.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dark Designer #25

We're having one more fantastic designer. This time it's the user Mystic_Darkness and besides having an amazing style, she's really talented and she've created some great pieces of clothing.
Check them below:

Her designs are having a great success (specially the Ronnie James Dio one) so don't be surprised if you see nothing on sale. If that happens make sure to request her in her guestbook.