Saturday, 26 February 2011

March Hot Buys

The new Hot Buys are out. I adore the hippie-like jacket and the tie. Not so crazy about the others though. What do you guys think? Here's the pic and dates:

Hot Buys Vest - Rio, March 1st - 12$
Hot Buys Shoes - Rio, March 3rd - 8$
Hot Buys Feather Broch - Fudge, Maarch 5th - 7$
Hot Buys Dress - Fudge, March 8th - 12$
Hot Buys Star Tie - Evil Panda, March 11th - 8$
Hot Buys Blouse - Pretty in Pink, March 15th - 11$
Hot Buys Bag
- Fudge, March 17th - 10$
Hot Buys Stud Dress - Fallen Angel, March 20th - 12$
Hot Buys Sweater - Fudge, March 22nd - 14$
Hot Buys Flash Skirt - Evil Panda, March 29th - 12$


  1. Well what can i say, im more and more dissapointed every month

  2. I think that it's mostly pretty cool, and the items are really original. The skirt and the fringe vest are awesome, and can be worn in alot of ways.

  3. i think the vest is awsome and i really love the black stud dress. the rest is gross and i hate what they did with the miu miu top the original looks wonderful but the sd version sucks!

  4. They're okay but I really mis old HotBuys, they were alot of better in my opinion

  5. I dunno...They're neither good nor bad! I like the black stuff!

  6. I love the jacket and the FA studded black dress. I will buy those. I sorta like the tie, the skirt, and....
    What happened to the days when I would want to buy everything HB? And I've not even been on Stardoll a year yet!!

  7. I like vest and studded dress. Really nice that studded dress realised on 20th March, it does mean my birthday.

  8. i don't like themm...the only thing i will probably buy is the studded dress.

  9. The only things I'm going ot buy from there are the feather brooch and the striped tee shirt. The rest is just.....GAG.

  10. I only really like the studded dress, but the tie isn't that bad.

  11. morphine through your veins27 February 2011 at 11:51

    I can't wait to see how much this stuff costs.
    Have you seen February HB prices? I fucking can't wait.

  12. I love vest. <3

  13. I loved old hotbuys...even though some of this month is cool :)

    Jany Richter.