Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suite sale

February's suite sale has some pretty cool stuff. Here's my picks:

1: Spiderweb lantern, Fallen Angel, 2$
2: African Table, Roots, 4$
3: Oval Office Presidental Desk, Decades, 6$
4: Lace Black Sofa, Fallen Angel, 3$
5: Lace Black Chair, Fallen Angel, 3$


  1. and I spent money to buy the black chair for 6$ -.-"

  2. A lot of these will come in useful! I contemplated getting the lace chairs yesterday so I'm glad I waited.

    ...Did I just say contemplated? Weiiird.

  3. Lol to the comment above
    hey can we ask to have people featured on here?

  4. I bought only Lace black sofa... damn, I may buy too desk