Saturday, 12 February 2011

Interview with Ruth-Sechmet

Ruth-Sechmet is a very popular and well-known Stardollian that we interviewed this time. She is a great designer so check out her bazaar and purchase yourself a painting. Her MeDoll and suite are just magnificent, she owns gazillions of awesome pieces of clothing, and she's very nice and kind - so there is no surprise that she has been Covergirl.

What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
If he catches me eye, by anything, it is the way of being. The expression, what his eyes say, the way of acting. It might sound complicated, but it's just classifying as a positive or negative character. Though, I don't care if it's one or another, both are interesting.

Do you like mangos?
I don't like exotic fruits. I don't like fruits much at all. But I love watermelons.

If you could wipe one singer off the face of earth, who would it be?
How much would it change, after one bad singer comes another, more or less irritating? But I would delete my classmate Michael. He sings a lot during practical lessons which turns me insane. It looks like he has an orphan disease...

What is the meaning of life?
Life's meaningless, at least to me. It's just about what you're going to do with yours. I think that I'm here for others. As long as I have someone who needs me, I'm going on. Obvious, it's so close, but often hard to see. There's no need to look around for a great definition, who needs it?

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
No, but my sisters and my best friend had a period when they had a lot of them, and they were treating them like real people. That was confusing, especially to strangers in public places. We had one story about an imaginary boy, everyone around thought he's real. At the end, we said he committed suicide. It was hard to keep it believable.

Which is the word you use the most?
"Probably" and "Maybe". I haven't noticed it by myself, my sister's saying I use them a lot. She might be right.

What is your favorite age you've been so far?
I like being the age I am now, or I was a year ago I should say. I'll be 18 years old soon in March, it scares me a bit. But every new thing is scary, right? My childhood is coming to its end. Maybe I can't show the child I am on the outside, but I want to keep it inside as long as I can.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I haven't thought about it. I would like to see the northern lights. So, anywhere where I could see them.

What is beauty?
I'm not sure. Each person sees it differently. It's something you can find everywhere, in everything, more or less outspreaded, in different amounts and forms. It's hard to understand it. It's not a perfect make up and big words, but a right dose of imperfection. Beauty can't be obvious and visible.

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?
Be where you are, with your body and mind. Thinking about moon while being on the earth won't make you standing on both, enjoy your location the best you can :3

And of course the photo of this gorgeous girl:

I've gotta say, I'm loving the dress-up. Now check out her suite, leave her a comment and give her 5 stars for her amazingness.


  1. What a great person! She sounds really nice.

  2. She's my favorite designer and has one of the best suites on Stardoll. And I love the outfit too *-*

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  4. she is so nice and beautiful!!! :D She reminds me that great people still exist!

  5. She is wonderful :D
    I was very happy to know she made it in CG last year.
    And she's also very inspirational.

    p.s.: I barely noticed she's wearing one of my designs, haha.

  6. love the outfit!

  7. She's amazing and telling the truth about life.

  8. whoa she is AWESOME better get mah ass on SD right now :3

  9. Really gorgeous, cute girl *^^*